The lowdown on Fortinet FortiXDR

XDR, or Extended Detection and Response, is a natural step in the evolution of EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response). Think of it as an approach that unifies information from multiple security products. It then automates and accelerates threat detection, investigation, and response in ways that isolated point solutions cannot. Fortinet has several products that can implement this new capability. The FG-40F, FG-60F, or FG-80F paired with FortiEDR or FortiClient would do nicely. But that’s to say nothing of the capabilities of the new FortiXDR.

First, what’s EDR?

Endpoint Detection and Response records every execution and modification, every registry change, and network connection across an entire organization. EDR provides very detailed threat visibility. It proactively searches and responds to hidden threats within an organization. But the key is, it does all this at the device level. The technology’s laser focus doesn’t extend to the network, servers, cloud, or applications. Hence the “Endpoint” in “Endpoint Detection and Response.”

So what is XDR (Extended Detection and Response)?

XDR takes a much broader approach. It provides visibility across all an organization’s endpoints, as well as the network, and the cloud. Typically, it analyzes the collected data. Then, it acts upon threats. Subsequently, it sends unified alerts and action items to security analysts. So, it’s holistic, in other words. Fortinet FortiXDR does a lot, and it involves multiple technologies. But it’s important to note that XDR isn’t necessarily a replacement for EDR, SIEM, SOAR, or anything else. Especially if you already have several layers of defense in place, and only need to tweak your defense posture. Or, if your organization just isn’t large enough to justify a full-on XDR set-up.

What’s the advantage of Fortinet FortiXDR, then?

In a word, consolidation. There are organizations that prefer the simplicity of a single security vendor to the “tool overload” that many security professionals complain about. After all, as effective as EDR is, truly efficient operation of EDR requires a highly skilled security staff. This is practically out of reach for most organizations.

XDR is increasingly popular due to the obvious inefficiency and ineffectiveness of cobbling together a patchwork of many individual “best-of-breed” security products from different vendors over time. Problems arising from this point-product approach include gaps in security, too much security information, and uncoordinated incident response.

As a result, many organizations are looking to consolidate vendors and products in favor of integrated solution sets.

So XDR can be an evolutionary step rather than a massive change in security strategy. On the other hand, XDR is seen by some as an opportunity to address the skills shortage, then security analysts can focus their energy on the most critical incidents.

What makes FortiXDR special?

FortiXDR offers broad, integrated security controls that cover the entire digital attack surface. And, since incident detection and response is fully automated, there isn’t the need for skilled security staff on hand. The nice thing is, you can predefine the appropriate steps to be taken based on classification, individual/group, and other considerations. And you can do it in a granular way. Plus, you can trust FortiXDR to detect and react with a high degree of confidence.

Most appealing FortiXDR features

FortiXDR offers simplified visuals of complex attacks. It breaks down how an attack progresses down the kill chain in an easy-to-understand way.

It also features highly advanced analytics that can deal with sophisticated attacks.

Another is that it will tend to improve detection and response times. Quick reflexes, in other words.

XDR pulls together and organizes security data from multiple sources. It also consolidates security tools, bringing them together in to a single “weapon.”

FortiXDR settles right in to the Fortinet Security Fabric alongside it’s ‘co-workers’ such as FortiGate, FortiNAC, FortiSandbox, etc in keeping your network happy and undisturbed. And it does so with characteristic, and above-average transparency and simplicity. It is well-positioned to take on the growing field of competitors in XDR given Fortinet’s gearhead-pure, security-first heritage.

If you would like to learn more about FortiXDR, please email us, or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!

Cool FortiXDR Features

AI-powered investigation

• Highly automateable response

• Broad, integrated controls that secure the entire attack surface

• Correlated, simplified security information

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