Meraki MG41 LTE router

Meraki MG41/MG41E LTE Router

Corporate Armor carries several routers in its product line, and today we will take a look at Meraki’s MG41 and MG41E routers. These two are identical, except that the MG41E has external antennas.

The Meraki MG41 enables high-speed, always-on network connectivity. It’s great for business-critical operations of a hybrid workforce through cellular deployments with gigabit cellular uplinks.

MG41 means instant cellular connectivity across thousands of sites at once. Without waiting on broadband or any change in infrastructure. You can deliver primary gigabit connectivity with MG41, or pair with Meraki MX and SD-WAN for the best bandwidth management.

What is a router?

A router helps you connect multiple devices to the Internet, and connect the devices to each other. Also, you can use routers to create local networks of devices. These local networks are useful if you want to share files among devices or allow employees to share software tools. So basically, a router sends traffic from one network to another.

The MG41 is a cellular router, or a cellular gateway, as Meraki calls it. It converts an LTE (cellular) signal to an ethernet signal. It is managed centrally, from the web, together with all other Meraki products. And, like all other Meraki products, it is a pleasant pushover to set up and use.

The Meraki MG41 use cases

Of course, signal strength is key for cellular performance. With a router like the Meraki MG41, you can use a firewall in locations where cellular signals are stronger than WiFi or other options. The thing is, the best location for the you firewall (or other appliance) is not always the best for cellular signal. The separation of cellular antenna in the MG41, and the firewall expands options for all networks. In other words, it greatly broadens where you can locate your other appliances. The router becomes their ‘gateway’ to the outside world.

Buy the Meraki MG41 or MG41E LTE Router

Plus, in areas where wired internet services are not available, the MG41 provides a simple, viable option for wireless connectivity. It allows you to quickly add Internet access to kiosks, trade shows, and the like.

MG41 Features

The Meraki MG41 has built-in CAT 18 connectivity, and built-in CAT 6 LTE connectivity. It supports two separate downstream router connections. It is a plug-and-play device, and is IP67-rated for use in all kinds of environments.


Meraki MG41 pushes 1.2 Gbps (DL) / 150 Mbps (UL) on Cat 18 integrated cellular. This makes it considerably faster than its’ little brother, the MG21. They have 2x PoE IN, and 2x GbE LAN interfaces, in addition to the 1x CAT 18 integrated cellular interface. And, they can be powered via DC power or PoE.

If you have any further questions about the MG41 or any other Meraki product or service, please email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!

Meraki MG41 highlights

1.2 Gbps (DL) / 150 Mbps (UL) on Cat 18
True plug-and-play deployment
IP67-rated for industrial and outdoor uses
Built-in CAT 18 connectivity

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