Aruba AP345 access point review

The Aruba 340 Series consists of the Aruba AP344 and Aruba AP345 802.11ac access points. The difference is the AP345 has integrated antennas, while the AP344 has external ones. Check out the datasheet for more information on that. Most of what is said here will apply to both models. The 340 series are high-end 802.11ac access points. They provide extremely fast gigabit speeds and superb, easy user experience for mobile devices. The Aruba AP345 access point comes with an integrated, 802.3bz compliant, HPE SmartRate multi-gig Ethernet port. This eliminates wired bottlenecks.

These APs offer unmatched wireless performance and capacity. The unique and flexible dual 5GHz architecture of the 340 series offers a way to double 5 GHz capacity where needed, without restrictions.

As with other Aruba APs, you can run the Aruba AP345 either controller-based, or controllerless (Instant) mode.

When deployed with an Aruba Mobility Controller, the Aruba AP345 offers centralized configuration, data encryption, and policy enforcement. It will also give you network services and distributed and centralized traffic forwarding.

In controllerless (Instant) mode, the controller function is virtualized in a cluster of APs. As the network grows or requirements change, Instant deployments can easily migrate to controller-based mode.

Specs and features

The Aruba AP345 achieves maximum data rates of 2.166 Gbps in the 5GHz band and 800 Mbps in the 2.4GHz band. This means a peak data rate of 3.0 Gbps in dual-band and 4.3 Gbps in dual-5GHz. The AP345 also includes integrated Bluetooth Low Energy radio, for advanced location and indoor wayfinding.

The primary difference between the Aruba AP345 and the AP335 is that the AP345 supports dual 5GHz operation. The AP335 has one 2.4GHz radio and one 5GHz radio. The AP345 does, however, require the latest software (AOS8.3) in order to operate.

The 340 series ideal for lecture halls, auditoriums, public venues, and high-density office environments. The 340 Series support up to 160 MHz channel bandwidth (VHT160), and 4 spatial streams (4SS) for both SU- and MU-MIMO communications.

Unique benefits of the Aruba AP345

As has already been said, the AP345 can be deployed either with or without a controller. Plus, it has benefit of supporting dual-5 GHz mode, where the 2.4 GHz radio is converted to a second 5 GHz radio. And both 5 GHz radios providing full coverage, doubling the performance and capacity. Not only that, the 340 Series can isolate the two 5 GHz transmitters for higher performance. This is something the competition can’t do.

And Aruba’s HPE SmartRate uplink Ethernet port supports up to 2.5 Gbps with NBase-T and IEEE 802.3bz Ethernet compatibility. It’s also backwards compatible with 100/1000Base-T, and has hitless PoE failover between both Ethernet ports.

IoT capabilities

The Aruba AP345 features built-in Bluetooth. This enables Meridian and IoT-based location services, asset tracking, and mobile engagement services. For expanded use cases, an IoT expansion radio can be added to support the Zigbee protocol. These allow organizations to leverage the AP345 as an IoT platform. This eliminates the need for an overlay infrastructure and additional IT resources.

What we like about the Aruba AP345

The Aruba AP345 has great, easy-to-use technology, and has great range! It’s easy to set up multiple AP’s, including guest access. There is no dedicated controller needed, although it is a snap to employ one, and they are excellent in their own right. Simply power up, plug it into your network, and connect. Even if you are not familiar with Aruba products, they are easy to master quickly.

Initial config is a snap. And with Aruba’s ARM technology, you can automatically assign channel and power settings. You can also provide airtime fairness and ensure that APs stay clear of all sources of RF interference. This will ensure reliable, high performance WLANs.

The Aruba AP345 is designed for medium-density environments.

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Aruba AP345 access point highlights

Choice of operating modes; Controller mode, and Aruba Instant mode
2.166 Gbps in the 5GHz band and 800 Mbps in the 2.4GHz band
Dual Radio 4×4 802.11ac access point with Wave 2 Multi-User MIMO
Resolve sticky client issues with MU-MIMO-aware ClientMatch