Meraki Spotlight: Boosting Integrated Security with MV72

While physical security and cybersecurity often get separated into two different areas of operations, they can be more interconnected than you might think at first glance.

For example, over two-thirds of data breaches involve the loss or theft of papers or electronic devices containing sensitive information. Data breaches can also compromise physical security, such as if access codes to buildings get leaked.

As such, businesses should aim to integrate physical security and cybersecurity with devices like the Cisco Meraki MV72 outdoor security cameras.

Not only can these cameras help deter crime through video and audio recordings, but they can also easily be managed in the cloud through the Cisco Meraki dashboard. With this cloud-based dashboard, companies set up secure access policies for cameras, review video feeds, receive automatic firmware updates and more.

This dashboard can also be used to manage other key IT infrastructure from Cisco Meraki, like switches and cellular gateways, making it easy to simultaneously oversee your physical and digital assets.

How the Meraki MV72 Security Cameras Stand Out

The Cisco Meraki MV72 security cameras are designed to be outdoor cameras within the Meraki MV series, though they could also be used indoors in areas where you need more durability. For example, many organizations use these cameras for their warehouses, factories and other industrial environments.

You can be confident that these cameras will be protected from most elements, with ratings that include:

  • IP67: This rating signifies that Meraki MV72 security cameras can keep dust out and withstand up to one meter of water submersion.
  • IK10+: This rating indicates impact resistance at the high end of a 0-10 scale, so the cameras should generally be able to hold up to the rigors of being outdoor fixtures.

In addition to their durability, Meraki MV72 security cameras also stand out from some other models for having varifocal lenses. That means the cameras have up to 3x optical zoom, with digital zoom capabilities as well.

Moreover, you can view both live and recorded footage in the cloud, and the cameras also have 256GB or 512GB (depending on the model) of integrated solid-state storage. That means you don’t need to deal with the complexity of a network video recorder (NVR) or video management system (VMS), and you can still record in the event the cloud system has a temporary outage.

Integrating Meraki MV72 Security Cameras Into Overall Security Strategies

With their ability to endure the elements, Meraki MV72 security cameras are ideal options for outside surveillance as well as security within industrial environments. For example, an MV72 could be placed in areas such as front entrances to a building or parking garage so you can identify suspicious activity like unexpected after-hours visitors.

Plus, these security cameras have advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, such as the ability to detect objects like cars. Having these cameras in a parking area can help identify security risks like suspicious vehicles, while also informing business decisions, like how to optimize parking for customers at different times.

Implementing Meraki MV72 security cameras can be a great way to start integrating physical security and cybersecurity. Corporate Armor makes it easy to find the security cameras you need at an affordable price, rather than dealing with the complexity of a large distributor.

To learn more about how you can integrate physical security and cybersecurity, download our full guide to integrated security with Meraki cameras.