Carbonite Cloud Backup – THE household name in data protection

Archiving files with cloud storage is not the same as online backup. It requires uploading file after file, and stuff can still be lost. And, if you’re using free archiving offered by your email or office productivity software, you’re still at risk. Don’t trust critical data to just anyone. You can trust Carbonite Cloud Backup, because Carbonite addresses the major reasons for data loss, such as stolen devices, virus or ransomware, deletion by accident, and lost or damaged laptop. They truly are the household name in data protecton and business continuity.

This is a brand that has built a worldwide reputation on it’s affordable and incredibly easy to use solutions. Carbonite is automatic, ongoing, and convenient. It is always on and continually updates your backup, and you can easily access your backed up files with the Carbonite Mobile App.

Carbonite has been around a long time now, and they offer many solutions for everything from personal use to enterprise. We will be looking at some of their business solutions.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

This is an intuitive, automated and secure backup for SaaS like Microsoft 365, Google, Salesforce, Box and Dropbox. It ensures the safety of your valuable data and makes recovery a snap. With just a few simple clicks, back up and restore your business critical data.

It is fully automated, and offers unlimited storage and retention. Cloud-to-Cloud Backup allows you to recover from any point in time or hierarchy (e.g., mailbox, site, folder or document)

Endpoint Backup

Endpoint data is vulnerable to theft, user error, hardware failures and ransomware. Over 600,000 laptops are lost or stolen at U.S. airports each year, and 60% of ransomware attacks impact endpoint data. And perhaps most alarmingly, 45% of business data is held on devices that organizations can’t control.

However, with Carbonite Endpoint, you can have complete confidence you can back up data on your laptops and desktops and recover it easily after any data loss event.

Endpoint Backup feature 256-bit AES encryption in motion and at rest, and with mitigation features like global location tracking you’ll know where your data is at all times. And with remote data wipe, you can stop data loss with remote wipe (poison pill) and restore the data on another device.

You’ll also appreciate Carbonite’s automated, silent installation and operation, secure over public and private networks. And Global Deduplication reduces backup related WAN traffic by up to 98% during business hours.

Server Backup

Carbonite Server is a secure, all in one server backup and recovery solution. It is for physical, virtual and legacy systems. That means you can protect your server in the cloud (SaaS), onsite or as a hybrid solution. Highly flexible, Carbonite Server offers several deployment options. It also gives you the ability to restore current or historical data from the cloud or a local appliance.

And, you can monitor and manage all server environments from a single pane of glass. Potential ransomware scans, alerting and remediation are included.


This is a basically a continual replication for always-on data protection. Here’s how it works. The Availability software continuously creates a replica of the primary system at another location. When a failure occurs, the secondary systems go live and DNS re-routes the users.

By using continuous replication, you have a secondary copy without taxing the primary system or network bandwidth. Supports target environments or physical, virtual or cloud source systems. You have the option of multiple recovery points using historical snap shots, and advanced features like encryption in-flight, compression, and bandwidth throttling.


Carbonite Recover safely copies critical systems to the cloud. This provides an up to date copy for immediate failover. Recovery times measure in minutes, and recovery points in seconds. As a result, you reduce the risks of lost productivity and revenue. And replication from the primary server to the cloud happens real time at the byte level.

Recover is bandwidth optimized for limited network impact, and features built in encryption both at rest and in-flight.

Corporate Armor is excited to be partnering with Carbonite, and why not? They are truly as fail safe as it gets when it comes to your organization’s data and workflow. Carbonite has been saving web user’s bacon since the days of “dumb phones,” because they are and always have been efficient at every step… and reliable when it matters. Questions? Email us, or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. We can’t wait to serve you!

Cool things about Carbonite

Truly “set it and forget it.” It is very easy to use and recover files
100,000+ small businesses protected
Over 60B recovered files