ESET Managed Detection and Response

Keeping up with the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape can be challenging. Sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts. But creating dedicated teams or hiring security specialists who have the necessary skills and to investigate, identify and respond to potential cybersecurity threats can be expensive. Not only that, Having to deal with multiple vendors can lead to security overlap or even conflict. This can quickly turn into a nightmare, especially for large organizations with multiple sites. That’s where ESET Managed Detection and Response comes in.

ESET Managed Detection and Response is a complete, end-to-end security solution that will do several things. For one, it provides effective help in the investigation of incidents. It also responds to and remediates incidents to ensure business continuity. And it does so in real time, with a human touch.

What is MDR?

Managed detection and response helps organizations better understand the cybersecurity risks they face and improve how they identify and react to threats.

The aim of ESET Managed Detection and Response is to handle threats, as opposed to making sure a company is following the most recent compliance regulations. However, a company can come into compliance after using an MDR because of the enhanced security measures.

The tools are provided and managed by the service provider, in this case, ESET. This alleviates the need for you to source your own threat detection and response resources. It focuses on security events and analyzing data gathered during an event. The data is then used to make the organization safer going forward.

ESET Managed Detection and Response

It comes in two flavors, ESET Detection and Response Advanced and ESET Detection and Response Ultimate.

ESET Detection and Response Advanced is a comprehensive security services package. It’s designed to complement the ESET PROTECT family of products. Basically, it’s an add-on. It fuses the advantages of granular visibility provided by ESET Enterprise Inspector with the knowledge and experience of security experts. It improves detection, threat hunting, investigation, and targeted actions to eliminate threats.

ESET Detection and Response Advanced covers everything from basic malware investigation and removal, to file analysis, incident investigation and response. It also covers digital forensics and assistance with the correct utilization of ESET Enterprise Inspector. It even offers on-demand threat hunting. ESET Detection and Response Advanced is best suited to EEI customers that have the basic manpower to manage daily operations on their own, but want to make sure that the product is correctly utilized for their organization.

ESET Detection and Response Ultimate

This is ESET’s full MDR package. It’s an end-to-end solution built around ESET Enterprise Inspector, which is ESET’s EDR solution. It helps organizations reap the full benefits of Endpoint Detection & Response without having to build an in-house team of security experts. ESET experts deploy and manage daily operations so you can focus on your business. Ultimate covers all areas, from alert triage and investigation to file analysis, incident response, digital forensics, threat monitoring and even proactive threat hunting.

In addition to proactive threat hunting and monitoring, ESET Detection and Response Ultimate installs and configures specific products in the client environment and provides training to ensure their successful operation. This reduces the hassle and complexity of upgraded endpoint security products, and ensures business continuity.And, a thorough initial assessment before each execution or deployment ensures there are no surprises.

EDR Threat Monitoring and Proactive Threat Hunting, as well as Deployment and Upgrade Supporting Services are two features that differentiate Ultimate from Advanced.


ESET believes that the highest level of security can only be achieved by a combination of robust technology and human expertise. With ESET Managed Detection and Response, your system is monitored around the clock by seasoned security operations center professionals. This enhances your security and provides you with up-to-date communication regarding issues.

You can assume a proactive stance when it comes to going after threats, as opposed to simply reacting after your organization has been impacted by a threat. Why not reach out to Corporate Armor here, or call 877-449-0458 and let us tell you more about this powerful new security posture? Thanks for reading!

ESET Managed Detection and Response highlights

Detailed File Analysis
Digital Forensics
EDR – On-Demand Threat Hunting
Suspicious Behavior Investigation

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