Sophos XG 105 – Small But Powerful

Sophos XG 105

It is Sophos week here at Corporate Armor. Throughout the week we will be posting multiple blogs and videos highlighting different Sophos firewall models. In this particular blog, we are going to take a look at the Sophos XG 105. If you haven’t read our blog on the Sophos XG 115, you can check it out here. Think of the 105 as its younger sibling. A lot of similarities, but slightly smaller. The Sophos XG 105 packs a one two punch of providing both security and wireless in one appliance.

What Comes in the box?

The Sophos XG 105 comes with an ethernet cable, console cable, and power supply. The firewall has 4 RJ45 ports, including LAN, WAN, and DMZ. The firewall also has 2 USB ports. You can actually hook up a keyboard and mouse to the XG 105 for local management using the USB ports. The firewall also includes a console port for local management as well. Because the Sophos XG 105 is a desktop form factor firewall, it comes with rubber feet as well. This way you don’t have to worry about scratching your desk when moving the firewall.

Sophos XG 105 Specs

The XG 105 has a stateful firewall throughput of 3 Gbps, an NGFW throughput of 270 mbps, an ISP throughput of 700 mbps, an av-proxy throughput of 430 mbps, and a VPN throughput of 300 mbps.

Sophos XG 105 Setup

Setup is easy and straightforward on all Sophos XG models. After logging into your web dashboard for the first time the UI will guide you step by step to configure your new firewall. You will set your admin password, time zone, network info, and which features to enable, and that’s pretty much it. If you are more of an advanced user, you don’t have to follow the setup wizard. You have the ability to customize your configuration and security settings.


The XG 105 is a desktop model and is designed to work in environments of about 15-20 users or less. This of course depends on what services you are running on the firewall. So if you have a small office of less than 20 users and need a firewall that offers premium protection and optional wireless, you should take a look at the Sophos XG 105. For more information on the XG 105, or any other Sophos firewall, contact Corporate Armor today. Our security experts can help you find the firewall that best fits your business.