Sophos XG 115 Firewall – Security and Wireless All-in-One

Sophos XG 115

Combos are great. When you get fast food, chances are you order a combo. Who doesn’t love fries and a drink with their burger? But what if you could get a combo when purchasing your network equipment? Would you like wireless with that? Luckily the folks at Sophos seem to enjoy combos as well. The Sophos XG 115 firewall packs a mean punch with it’s speed and security. But it also includes wireless! So let’s take a quick look at the firewall/wireless combo Sophos XG 115.

The Sophos XG 115 firewall offers an excellent price-to-performance value, which makes it perfect for small businesses or branch office scenarios of up to 20 users. They are available with integrated wireless, so you can combine WiFi and security into a single piece of hardware, and you can also add external access points.

What comes with the Sophos XG 115?

In the box you get the product guide and safety instructions. You also get a console cable and the power adapter. Here’s something cool about the power cord, it actually screws in place when you plug it in. This way if you’re moving stuff around, maybe going to plug in a new cable, you don’t have to worry about accidentally unplugging the firewall. The firewall itself has 4 standard RJ45 ports, a console port, 2 USB ports, and a VGA port. Fun fact, you can actually plug up a monitor and a keyboard to manage the firewall without using the console cable or the web UI. On the front of the firewall you have the status lights and power indicator. This firewall can also be rack-mounted. Of course the mounting kit is sold separately.

Sophos XG 115 Product Specs

Speed-wise, the Sophos XG 115 has a firewall throughput of 4 Gbps. If you set up IPS, you have 1.22 Gbps. With AV proxy, you’re looking at 600 Mbps. And the NGFW throughput is 1 Gbps. The wireless model includes 2 external antennas. It offers 2×2:2 MIMO, and 802.11 ac wireless.

Sophos XG 115 Setup

Setup is pretty easy and straightforward. After logging into your web dashboard for the first time the UI will guide you step by step to configure your new firewall. You will set your admin password, time zone, network info, and which features to enable, and that’s pretty much it. Because of the guided configuration, you don’t need to be a network engineer to configure your Sophos XG 115 firewall. That being said, you don’t have to stick with the prepackaged configuration options. You can dig in and customize the settings and protection quite a bit. So this firewall is great for someone that is new to network security, all the way up to a security expert.


So to recap, if you have an office of about 20 users or less and you want to make sure your network is protected contact Corporate Armor today. Our security experts can answer any questions you may have about the Sophos XG 115, and whether it is the right fit for your business. Email us [email protected], start a chat with us on our website, or call us at 877-449-0458. We look forward to speaking with you!

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