Sophos Intercept X vs Kaspersky

Prior to the introduction of Intercept X, Sophos offered Central Endpoint as its primary endpoint protection. As an older product, it doesn’t include deep learning AI, CryptoGuard, and many other features that make Sophos Intercept X so complete and effective.

The main differences between Intercept X and Sophos Central Endpoint is the addition several features. Features like Deep Learning Malware Detection, Exploit Prevention, Malicious Traffic Detection, Active Adversary Mitigations, and a few other things. However, now that the Intercept X series has matured into several different offerings (Advanced, XDR, MTR) it’s time to put it up against some other products. Namely, Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

Sophos Intercept X features

The Intercept X platform merges technologies like deep learning, AI and endpoint detection and response. It provides holistic endpoint security. Intercept X works for Mac and Windows personal computers (PCs) as well as servers, virtual machines, and cloud-based IT infrastructure. It also protects mobile devices using Android, iOS, and Chrome operating systems.

Intercept X Advanced has a very robust suite of preventative security features in all of it’s iterations. For example, you gat Application Control, Deep-Learning Malware Detection, DLP, and IPS. There’s also Safe Browsing, Exploit Prevention, and so on. It is a very defensive, reactive feature set. And remember, this is without even touching on Intercept X with XDR, or Intercept X with MTR.

Kaspersky features

Kaspersky does a good job with updating and deploying remotely. It has inventory features, and can even deploy non-Kaspersky software packages. Their Endpoint Security features rate comparably to Intercept in overall performance. Anti-Exploit, EDR, Remediation, and Malware Detection are all within tenths of a point of each other in independent ratings by actual users. Sophos seems to edge out Kaspersky in overall Endpoint Security (barely), in Ant-Exploit, EDR, and Infection Remediation. On the other hand, Kaspersky does a bit better in Vulnerability Management.

The Kaspersky Security Center is well-laid out and easy to follow and use. It is very stable, and operates quietly in the background. As a world leader, they have intel on all the latest emerging threats quickly. They have an excellent threat research team.

Kaspersky Endpoint is also highly customizable, and scalable.

Sophos Intercept X Pros

The Intercept X CryptoGuard feature is very effective against Ransomware. The Web Filtering is good, as well.

Intercept X is integrated seamlessly into Sophos Central. From there, you manage all your Sophos products. There are no servers to build. Just log in, download the agent, and configure all your policies from one place. It is integrated to a greater degree than Kaspersky. Plus, Unlike Sophos, Kaspersky can’t manage server, firewall, mobile, encryption, email, and wireless from the same console.

Plus, Sophos offers a true Managed Threat Response feature. MTR proactively hunts down to remotely disrupt, contain, and neutralize threats on your behalf to stop even the most sophisticated threats.

On the other hand, Kaspersky managed detection & response only provides alerts and recommendations. There’s no remediation.

More on Sophos

Another advantage in Sophos’ favor is an obvious one; firewalls. Sophos Synchronized Security simplifies and unifies defenses by sharing intelligence between your endpoints and firewall. As a result, you get better protection against advanced threats. You also spend less time responding to incidents. Kaspersky doesn’t offer a firewall that can isolate compromised machines, share intel, or respond to threats.

Kaspersky is a very good value, and it is effective. It just runs on its’ own and the features are quite good. But Sophos Intercept X is a bit farther down the road currently. True, its; XDR and MTR features are additional cost, but at least they are available. Not to mention again, Sophos’ excellent family of hardware appliances that operate seamlessly with Intercept X. This gives you a complete, one-stop IT security framework in one place. Made up of components that already ‘know’ each other very well.

The whole Intercept X family covers a wide range of small-to-large business use cases. This is a serious product that offers a huge buffet line of features depending on your needs and your abilities to take advantage of them. Intercept X is a potent protection product. Of course, Corporate Armor can answer any further questions you may have about any Sophos product, so please email us or call 877-449-0458 any time!

Intercept X advantages

Offers MTR, active threat hunting, and remediation
Offers a full line of firewall appliances to integrate seamlessly
Very easy to set up and use
In Person training, Email/Helpdesk, and Phone Support