FortiGate-80 F, ESET Protect… What’s coming down the pipe!

IT and network security is never boring. There’s always a lot happening, and that means plenty of new products and services to talk about. Whether it’s new FortiGate-80 F variations, ESET, or whatever, we here at Corporate Armor love to unpack new toys coming up that we’re excited about.

FortiWiFi 80F, FortiGate-80 F PoE and FortiGate-80 F Bypass

The FortiGate-80 F firewall is still pretty new, and you can read about it here. But, as a reminder, the FG-80F is the latest in Fortinet’s “F” series. It succeeds the 40F, 60F, and 100F. It is an upgrade on Fortinet’s very good FG-80E.

The FortiGate-80 F is a SECURE SD-WAN AND security appliance. In other words, it protects what’s inside your perimeter (firewall), and what’s on the freeways leading out of it. SD-WAN gives extra secure, quick access to cloud-connected applications so important these days. For example, think of Dropbox, GitHub, Salesforce, and Office 365.

The FortiGate 80F pushes 4 Gbps total Firewall Throughput, and 360 Mbps of Next Gen Firewall Throughput. You also get 450 Mbps of IPS Throughput and 200 Mbps of SSL VPN Throughput, with firewall latency at 3 μs. The FG-80F is good for up to 100 users.

FortiWiFi 80F

Pretty self-explanatory. The 80F will also be available with built-in Wi-Fi. This should make it perfect for WAN edge and branch consolidation to support large scale, compact footprint deployments.

FortiGate-80 F Bypass

The FortiGate 80F Bypass version gives you a pair of bypass ports on the back, LAN 1 and Port 1. These ports help you to avoid connectivity interruptions due to device failure. This, of course, improves network reliability.

FortiGate-80 F PoE

There will be a PoE version of the FG-80F, not surprisingly. And remember that all the various specs on these different versions of the FG-80F will be the same. So the differences will be fairly small, unless you happen to be in a niche where you need one of these specialized features.

Power over Ethernet delivers electrical power to PoE-enabled devices using your CATx (CAT-5, CAT-6, etc.) network cables. Since you don’t need to run electrical wiring, PoE saves money in materials and install time. It’s also flexible, especially for remote applications, since it doesn’t require a nearby electrical outlet. These and other benefits have led to a big increase in PoE’s popularity in recent years. Read more about PoE and PoE+ here (


Another new product we’re excited about is this one. ESET PROTECT Advanced is the new, re-vamped, turbo-charged endpoint protection offering from ESET (ask us about it!). It’s excellent against ransomware and zero‑day threats, which is very timely, given the recent Hafnium hack.

It sports Endpoint Protection, File Server Security, and Cloud Sandbox, to name a few features. And it does it from a revised, single-pane console that supposedly is fantastic. It even has a drag and drop option.

ESET PROTECT Advanced runs unnoticed by the user, except for a quick ESET screen that flashes on your display when turning on your computer. It does not compromise the speed or efficiency of my computer. And, it is cost efficient for individuals as well as businesses.

FortiGate 200F

Whoa. The FortiGate 200F, according to Fortinet, “is ideal for large complex SD-WAN deployments to meet high performance and scalability requirements for mid-size to large enterprises deploying at the campus or enterprise branch level. “

In other words, it’s big, fast, and strong. Their purpose-built CPU gives the FG-200F (and all the F series) some preposterous Throughput numbers. According to their Security Compute Rating, the FG-200F’s IPsec VPN Throughput is 14 times higher than industry average for comparable firewalls. Threat Prevention Throughput is listed as 5x higher.

That’s about all for now. If you have any questions about any of these new-or-upcoming products, please email us, or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!

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