Fortinet Small Business Firewalls

Fortinet Small Business Firewalls deliver a better, faster, safer experience at EVERY pricepoint

Fortinet Small and Mid-size firewalls consolidate security into a handful of easy-to-manage solutions. They span network, cloud, and endpoint security that automatically shares threat intelligence and scale as your business grows to protect against threats like ransomware.

Cloud-based, centralized management makes ongoing operations simple with rules and policies so you can quickly consume new technology while keeping your business safe. When your technology effectively stops attacks and automatically communicates to reduce false alerts and maintenance, workloads drop and securing your business suddenly becomes much easier.

Fortinet Small Business Firewalls

FortiGate Small firewalls

FortiGate 40F Next-Gen firewall

Firewall Throughput – 5 Gbps

Threat Protection – 600 Mbps

SSL/VPN Throughput – 490 Mbps

Users – Up to 10

Supported FortiAPs (Total/Tunnel) – 10/5

Maximum Connections (TCP) – 700,000

FortiGate 60F Next-Gen firewall

Firewall Throughput – 10 Gbps

Threat Protection – 700 Mbps

SSL/VPN Throughput – 900 Mbps

Supported FortiAPs (Total/Tunnel) – 64/32

Maximum Connections (TCP) – 700,000

FortiGate 70F Next-Gen firewall

Firewall Throughput – 10 Gbps

Threat Protection – 800 Mbps

VPN Throughput – 6.5 Gbps

Threat Protection Throughput – 800 Mbps

NGFW Throughput – 1 Gbps

FortiGate 80F Next-Gen firewall

Firewall Throughput – 10 Gbps

Threat Protection – 900 Mbps

SSL/VPN Throughput – 950 Mbps

Supported FortiAPs (Total/Tunnel) – 96/48

Maximum Connections (TCP) – 1.5 Million

Learn more about the FG-80F

Fortinet FG-90G firewall

IPS Throughput – 4.5 Gbps

SSL/VPN Throughput – 1.4 Gbps

Supported FortiAPs – 96

Supported FortiSwitches – 24

Total Firewall Throughput – 28 Gbps

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Need Help Setting Up Your Firewall?

We’ve written a step-by-step guide on how to make your shiny, new, just-out-of-the-box FortiGate firewall do firewall things like it’s supposed to.