Cradlepoint IBR200 router

Cradlepoint IBR200

The CradlePoint IBR200 4G LTE Router is a semi-ruggedized device designed for secure cloud managed IoT networking. The Cradlepoint IBR200-10M enables you to use low cost M2M/IoT data plans from cellular carrier/operators, and addresses the biggest gap in IoT: security.

It features compact size, external mobile broadband and Wi-Fi antennas. Plus, it’s able to operate in a wide temperature range. As a result, the Cradlepoint IBR200 is great
for IoT applications like plant and machinery controls, surveillance cameras, digital signs, kiosks, and ATMs.

Features of the CradlePoint IBR200-10M Router – NetCloud

The Cradlepoint IBR200 has Comprehensive 24×7 support included for business critical applications. It pushes 60 Mbps of firewall throughput, and has 4G Cat 1 connectivity over WAN. It runs Wi-Fi 4, FE over LAN.

NetCloud IoT Package

The Cradlepoint IBR200 is sold as a package with NetCloud. It is a secure networking plan built for Internet of Things and machine-to-machine uses. Basically, it’s similar to the bundles that firewalls often come with. In a nutshell, his cloud service adds greatly to the features and capabilities of your router.

CradlePoint IBR200-10M Router w/ NetCloud IoT Gateway subscription for Sprint



CradlePoint IBR200-10M Router w/ NetCloud Essentials for AT&T and T-Mobile



CradlePoint IBR200-10M Router w/ NetCloud Essentials for Verizon



For example, NetCloud offers secure, cloud management and control of your Cradlepoint IBR200. It’s available here in three and five-year subscriptions. These include 24×7 support. Read our article to learn more about your NetCloud options. If you have any further questions about the Cradlepoint IBR200, please email us or call 877-449-0458.

CradlePoint IBR200 10M highlights

60 Mbps of firewall throughput

Centralized endpoint management with insights and visual analytics

24×7 enterprise support and limited lifetime warranty

Semi-ruggedized for wider deployment options

Embedded Category 1 modem for affordable connection

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