Cradlepoint IBR900 router

Cradlepoint IBR900 router

The Cradlepoint IBR900-600 is a ruggedized, wireless 4G LTE router that we’ll be giving the once-over today. This little powerful little Cradlepoint features an integrated LTE-Advanced Category 6 cellular modem, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, two gigabit ethernet ports, and a USB port for tethering. This is a pretty cool feature that not all competitors have. And, being an LTE Advanced device, it can communicate on two bands at once. Theoretically, with peak speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

LTE routers like the Cradlepoint IBR900-600 contain a built-in LTE broadband modem. Plus, they enable local Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet devices to share the LTE connection.

They can also have some additional features such as firewall, layer 7 filters, DHCP server, advanced QoS. What’s more, The IBR900 can support up to 128 connected devices.


The IBR900’s WAN Connectivity is 4G Cat 6, and LAN Connectivity is Wi-Fi 4. It’s embedded Category 11 LTE modem offers 600 Mbps download speeds, and 75 Mbps upload speeds. It has 802.11ac Wi-Fi, as well as LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation of 2x 20MHz. Plus, it offers 2×2 MIMO support and Firewall Throughput of 940 Mbps.

Cradlepoint IBR900-600M 4G router w/Wi-Fi – with 1-year Standard Netcloud Essentials
Cradlepoint IBR900-600M 4G router w/Wi-Fi with 3-year Standard Netcloud Essentials
Cradlepoint IBR900-600M 4G router w/Wi-Fi – with 5-year Standard Netcloud Essentials

NetCloud IoT Package

The Cradlepoint IBR900 is sold as a package Cradlepoint’s cloud-based plan called NetCloud (read more about NetCloud here). This is a secure, cloud-based networking plan built for IoT and machine-to-machine uses.

For example, NetCloud offers secure, cloud-based management and control of your IBR900. NetCloud is offered in one, three, and five-year software subscriptions that include 24×7 support. If you have any further questions about the Cradlepoint IBR900-600, please email us or call 877-449-0458.

Cradlepoint IBR900 highlights:

Integrated LTE-Advanced Category 6 cellular modem

Two gigabit ethernet ports

Firewall Throughput of 940 Mbps

Embedded Category 11 600 Mbps LTE modem

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