Uptime wins big time in remote access go-time!

ISL Online remote desktop software

(Winner: ISL Online)

Thanks to Barbara Viscovic at ISL Online. Content edited for length.

Corporate Armor wants to congratulate our partner ISL Online for it’s excellent 2020 performance results, explained below:

In 2020, ISL Online performed at an outstanding 99.9922% uptime. Amidst soaring demands for uninterrupted connectivity, ISL Online delivered. It’s reliable remote desktop service didn’t skip a beat.

Let’s put that in to perspective. Basically, ISL Online was unavailable in 2020 for less time than it takes the average teenager to shower. ALL YEAR. And never a single outage lasting over 6 minutes. And there’s more. ISL Online now averages 99.9837% over the last 11 years!

Now, it’s important to note that downtime doesn’t mean all services are down. All downtime incidents were related to the ISL Online website itself. However, ISL Online remote desktop was 100% FUNCTIONAL. It didn’t experience a single second of downtime. In other words, users worldwide were able to run remote sessions and access computers uninterrupted. They could work remotely and provide remote support the entire time.

2020 demanded reliable, robust infrastructure

2020 was a challenging year (thanks, Captain Obvious). Stay-at-home orders meant there was an influx of new remote access users. In addition, use by existing customers surged.

“We know that customers around the globe rely on our services. Because of this, we provide Service Level Agreements to all of our customers in order to guarantee the minimum uptime threshold. This year, with a global crisis that has left businesses and people even more dependent on our services, we felt an even greater responsibility to deliver excellent availability results. We are proud to have delivered the four-nines uptime,” says Jure Pompe, CEO.

ISL Online will continue to strengthen its impressive infrastructure, which now consists of 106 servers worldwide. And, millions of happy remote desktop sessions will continue to hum along uninterrupted, through next year and beyond.

This is a stable, robust, easy-to-use remote access solution. It is widely used by support teams around the world. It’s truly cross platform and has impressive features, like annotation and automatic session recording.

We hope this article has been helpful. Remember, Corporate Armor is ISL’s proud North American partner. So, if you have any questions, please email us or call 877-449-0459. Thanks for reading!


Multi-monitor support and quick screen toggle
Real-time chat and audio
Unattended Access
Session Recording