ISL Online vs RemotePC – Remote Access Roundup!

Remote Access and Control software enables one to access a remote device to solve a problem there. In other words, tech support. The the market for remote administration software like ISL Online is huge, and growing.

Basically, remote access software lets you access a computer from another location. Or, you can give others access to yours. Just as if they were sitting in front of it themselves. Some even let you access a remote PC from your phone or other device. And vice versa.

As such, you can log into a customers’ computers to teach or resolve an issue. Or you can invite friends or clients to view your own desktop. Both ISL Online, a Corporate Armor partner, and RemotePC are well-regarded, well-known remote access solutions. This article will be more of a comparison than a competition.

Now, when you need to reach across the world to perform complex actions on a remote device, certain things will be paramount. Things like security, usability, and reliability.

In this corner: ISL Online

ISL Online is a remote support product designed for pretty much any industry. That includes healthcare, information technology, universities, government, and banks. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Some of its key features include screen sharing, permission management, and unattended access to remote computers. In addition, there’s chat messaging, session recording, WakeOnLAN, and RDP routing. Also, there’s voice chat, and a cool whiteboard feature that lets you do art on your screen or theirs. So it can do a lot. Understandably, Corporate Armor is proud to be their North American partner. We can have you reaching across the globe with ISL Online at any time of the day or night for as little as $139 a year. We even have a pay-as-you-go option.

So, ISL Online is a nicely scalable remote access solution that can secure access to hundreds of endpoints. It’s a true enterprise-class tool. And with 2FA access and support, too. The connection between the endpoints is quick and easy. Plus, it’s credential-based. The desktop app is a clean and easy-to-use. The interface can be customized with your company’s visuals, too. It’s a good choice for professional remote support. ISL Online has a very fast and stable connection, and can connect to almost anything.

And in this corner: RemotePC

RemotePC is a nifty remote desktop solution for individuals and small businesses. Like ISL Online, it works across devices. As a result, you can access any computer from a desktop or mobile device. RemotePC boasts a range of useful features For example, options for unlimited users, one-time shared access codes, and a built-in video conferencing solution. RemotePC does lack audio chat, but you might not even notice.

With RemotePC, you just use a computer like you normally would. Only you can do it from anywhere in the world. You can easily drag-and-drop transfer files between desktops. RemotePC supports remote printing, wake-on-LAN, and multiple monitors.

Other neat features include a chat box and whiteboard-style drawing tools. In addition, you can generate one-time-use codes that enable a coworker to access your computer for a single session. And the number of people that can login to a desktop is unlimited.

Installation of both of these is extremely simple.

In summary

ISL Online is a robust remote access solution. It is widely used by support teams around the world. It’s truly cross platform and has impressive features, like annotation and automatic session recording.

RemotePC is a very good remote desktop software with a lot of features. It’s especially useful for business teams due to built-in video conferencing and access control features. RemotePC makes it easy to connect to any computer from any device. Plus, it includes handy features like live chat, drag-and-drop file transfer.

We hope this has been helpful. Remember, these are two very good options, and Corporate Armor is proud to partner with ISL Online. If you have any questions, please email us or call 877-449-0459. Thanks for reading!

ISL Online highlights

Multi-monitor support and quick screen toggle
Real-time chat and audio
Unattended Access
Session Recording

RemotePC highlights

Inexpensive plans for individuals and small teams
Seamless file transfer across devices
Very good collaboration features
Value for Money