FortiSASE Secure Access solution – What is this?

Fortinet FortiSASE Secure Access solution brings together numerous Fortinet products that are available as a single product or as a modular solution. FortiSASE’s core features include firewall as a service, intrusion prevention, secure web access, and zero trust networking.

FortiSASE offers a huge set of security capabilities. These include secure web gateway, universal zero-trust network access, next generation dual mode cloud access security broker (CASB), and Firewall-as-a-Service.

Fortinet’s version of a SASE solution integrates cloud delivered SD-WAN with security service edge, pushing the convergence of networking and security from the edge to remote users.

With FortiSASE, you can fix security gaps and shrink the attack surface with consistent security posture. You also enjoy a superior user experience with intelligent steering and dynamic routing via SD-WAN, and simplify operations with simple cloud delivered management and improved security and networking analytics.

Cool things about Fortinet FortiSASE Secure Access solution

Web Traffic Security: Web filtering, antivirus, file filtering, DLP, and more for both managed and unmanaged devices.

Superior User Experience: Intelligent steering and dynamic routing via SD-WAN

Advanced Threat Protection: High-performance SSL inspection and advanced threat detection techniques via Fortinet FWaaS

Identity Control And Protection: Apply zero trust everywhere for all users and devices with ZTNA integration

Secure Access To SaaS Applications: Secure access to SaaS applications with improved API and IN-LINE CASB and by enabling ZTNA posture check for application access

Full DNS Traffic Visibility: Gain complete visibility into DNS traffic, block high risk domains, protect against DNS-based threats

And the FortiSASE interface is very slick, detailed, and easy to read.

The beauty of a single vendor solution

There’s a lot to recommend getting your connectivity and security needs from one vendor. Especially when it’s Fortinet.

FortiOS: Fortinet’s unified operating system, FortiOS, is the culmination of over 20 years of innovation. It powers our unique security driven approach to seamlessly converge networking and security from the cloud. Remember, Fortinet sells more firewalls than any other security-dedicated company in the world.

FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services: The Fortinet AI-powered security services, applied across application, content, web traffic, devices, and users, provide consistent real time protection against the latest attacks. And, it ensures rapid, real time detection and response

Cloud-Based Management: Simple cloud-based management provides centralized visibility and control across users and applications.


Consistent Security Posture Everywhere: Overcome security gaps and shrink your attack surface with consistent security posture.
Superior User Experience: With intelligent application steering and dynamic routing, Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN delivers superior remote user experience.
Operational Efficiency: Simplify operations with simple cloud based management, and enhanced security and networking analytics.
Shift to an OPEX Business Model: Simple user based license model allows organizations to shift from upfront capital investments

FortiSASE is designed for today’s hybrid, work from anywhere reality. It’s a single vendor answer to a complex problem, reducing performance bottle necks, vendor sprawl and complexity, and even making user experience better. A single operating system and a single agent means likely greater ease of use, efficiency and security.

FortiSASE provides security where you need it.

We hope this brief explanation has been helpful. And, if you have any further questions, please email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!

FortiSASE datasheet

Fortinet FortiSASE Secure Access solution highlights

Consistent Security Posture Everywhere
Superior User Experience
Operational Efficiency
Shift to an OPEX Business Model