Meraki Spotlight: Building Integrated Security with the Meraki MV22 Security Camera

With the right security cameras, companies can go beyond protecting their physical assets to also improving their cybersecurity. That’s because IT assets can be subject to theft and subsequently expose sensitive data to the wrong parties.

Despite an increasing focus on cybersecurity, physical elements still play a critical part in the majority of cyberattacks. A recent study found that 69% of data breaches involved the loss or theft of papers or electronic devices containing important information.

To help reduce this risk, organizations can turn to devices like the Cisco Meraki MV22 security camera, which securely and easily streams and records high-quality video and audio. With these cameras in place, companies can protect their assets, deter theft and keep their security integrated.

What Makes Meraki MV22 Security Cameras Stand Out?

Among Cisco Meraki MV cameras, the MV22 models stand out with varifocal lenses with up to 3x optical zoom. The devices also have a sleek design and fit well in most indoor environments.

Unlike some cameras that require physical tapes or complex systems that need to be managed separately from other IT assets, Meraki MV22 cameras can easily be managed in the cloud alongside other Cisco Meraki assets, including other cameras and network infrastructure. All of these devices can be set up and controlled through a secure dashboard, with updates automatically pushed out, so the cameras receive the patches they need.

In addition to being able to oversee Meraki MV22 security camera controls through the Meraki dashboard, organizations can also review live and recorded feeds, making it easy to stay on top of security—even when you’re in a different location than the cameras. Video and other data from the cameras also get automatically encrypted for security purposes.

Moreover, Meraki MV22 security cameras have 256GB or 512GB (depending on the model) integrated solid-state storage, so the cameras can still record even if there’s a temporary network outage preventing access to cloud storage. This edge storage removes the complexity of needing a network video recorder (NVR).

Meraki MV22 security cameras also go beyond recording capabilities by being able to analyze footage too. For example, the cameras can create motion heat maps so you can get a sense of foot traffic in an area, which can then inform other decisions such as figuring out how to best accommodate busy periods in certain locations.

Integrating Meraki MV22 Security Cameras Into Your Security Strategy

Because Meraki MV22 security cameras have varifocal lenses, you can set them up in areas where you need the ability to zoom in.

For example, putting these cameras near exits could help prevent or limit the fallout from theft of computers or other assets, as you might be able to zoom in enough to clearly see the thief’s face. Companies may also choose to place these cameras in areas like data centers, where they can use the zoom functionality to keep an eye on specific pieces of equipment.

Corporate Armor provides the efficiency and pricing you need to add the right security cameras without the hassle, high costs and complexity of purchasing devices through a large distributor.

To learn more about how your organization can simultaneously improve physical security and cybersecurity, download our full guide to integrated security with Meraki cameras.