Meraki Spotlight: How the MV12 Strengthens Your Integrated Security Plan

For companies to have strong security protections in place, they not only need digital safeguards, such as the ability to identify malicious traffic on their network; they also need to be able to identify physical threats, such as rogue employees stealing computers or gaining unauthorized access to server rooms. As such, companies should aim to integrate their physical security and cybersecurity practices where possible. In many cases, businesses struggle to align these two areas of security, as cameras may have their own physical tapes or associated software systems that need to be managed separately from IT infrastructure. The Cisco Meraki MV12 security cameras are ideal, high-powered, cost-effective options for integrating physical surveillance with cybersecurity.

Meraki MV12 security cameras, for example, are easily and securely managed in the cloud within the Meraki dashboard, where organizations can also manage other Meraki IT assets such as switches, firewalls and access points. This means that IT teams can efficiently set security controls for both digital and physical assets in the same place, and all product updates, including security patches and bug fixes, can automatically be implemented.

Why Use Meraki MV12 Security Cameras?

Cisco has a variety of different security camera models, with the Meraki MV12 camera potentially being the right option for companies looking for an indoor fixed-lens camera that also records audio at an affordable price.

Meraki MV12 cameras offer a variety of features:

  • 73-degree or 114-degree field of view horizontally (depending on the specific model).
  • Cloud management of video feeds, including the ability to view live and recorded streams remotely.
  • 128GB or 256GB of solid-state storage (depending on the specific model) to record video, even when internet connections temporarily prevent cloud recordings.
  • Advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities. For example, the MV12 can calculate the number of people within a recorded area.

In addition to these offerings, many organizations turn to Meraki MV12 security cameras for the ease of installation and management through the Meraki dashboard. Plus, the videos themselves include cybersecurity protections, such as automatic encryption.

Integrating Meraki MV12 Security Cameras Into Overall Security Strategies

To get the most out of Meraki MV12 security cameras, organizations can set them up in strategic locations that help bolster cybersecurity as well.

For example, with their fixed lens, these cameras can consistently record a given area, like a server room, where you would want to make sure that only authorized users such as IT staff have access. Similarly, you can set up the cameras to record sensitive areas, such as executives’ offices, to help protect computers and important paper documents from theft.

Purchasing security cameras like Meraki MV12 through a large distributor can be costly, whereas Corporate Armor makes it efficient and cost-effective to find and implement the right products needed to improve your overall security.

Download the full guide to integrated security with Meraki cameras to learn more about how these devices can help both your physical security and cybersecurity.