AVG Internet Security for home

Let’s check out AVG Internet Security endpoint security software for home. AVG has a very good free antivirus utility, but if you want more than be basics you’ll want to upgrade to AVG Internet Security. This suite adds several components, such as webcam protection, pro-level Android and iOS features, and tools for securing important data.

AVG Internet Security gets excellent results from independent labs, and it doesn’t have much of an impact on system performance.

An AVG Internet Security subscription costs under $70 per year for one Windows or macOS license. If you upgrade a step, you can get protection on up to 10 devices. It’s a much better value than the base plan. Plus, this tier also includes AVG’s mobile protection products, AntiVirus Pro for Android and the pro-version of AVG’s Mobile Security app for iOS.

AVG offers another bundle, AVG Ultimate. It combines AVG Internet Security (Windows and macOS), AVG TuneUp (for Windows and macOS), AVG’s Secure VPN (Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS), and both AVG’s AntiVirus Pro and Cleaner Pro tools (Android). It covers up to 10 devices.

Now, ever since Avast bought AVG, their product lines have thoroughly converged. In most cases, anything that appears both in this and Avast Premium Security acts the same.

AVG Internet Security features

AVG guards computers with multiple protective levels and shields. It starts with traditional viral scans against a threat list backed up by machine heuristic scanning. AVG’s CyberCapture nabs anything that goes through these networks. Then, after quick analysis, it creates a fix using artificial intelligence. Amazingly, this often takes only seconds. The company updates users’ systems several times a day to stay ahead of the hackers.

Plus, AVG has excellent anti-phishing and anti-ransomware, and scores well in malware blocking, as well.

AVG Internet Security offers several advanced, proprietary security tools. For instance, a firewall designed to prevent attacks from both the outside and the inside. Another is a password protection tool that helps you secure any passwords you’ve saved in your browser. It asks you to either allow or block access whenever an unknown app tries to make changes to your stored passwords.

More cool features

Webcam spyware can peer into your bedroom, office, or wherever the cam might reside. Whether it appears to be on or not. Fortunately, AVG is among the security companies that offer protection from webcam spyware. AVG and Avast offer their Webcam Protection features to all non-free users.

AVG’s Fake Website shield is the only option within this section. When enabled, this setting protects you from being redirected to a fake site as a result of a DNS attack.

And, AVG offers a Chromium-based Secure Browser which emphasizes security settings. This add-on provides tracking and phishing protections, as well as keeps you away from dangerous sites. There’s also the SafePrice browser extension that watches your online shopping and seeks better deals, but you don’t need a subscription to use that.

And to be honest, AVG used to have a problem running heavy; it would noticeably slow down the computer’s boot time and file activities. The have improved dramatically in this respect, happily.

AVG Internet Security expands upon the excellent capabilities of AVG AntiVirus Free with protections for sensitive data, the ability to block webcam snoopers, and tools for staying safe online. And it’s much lighter on the system, now.

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Highlights of AVG Internet Security

Hides your online activities
Webcam Protection feature
Chromium-based Secure Browser
Proactively identifies malware samples

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