Another reason to choose ISL Online Remote Desktop over TeamViewer

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Let’s just start with the obvious, because this article is going to be short and to the point. The the market for remote administration software like Online Remote Desktop is huge, and growing. In a nutshell, remote access and control software can access a remote PC to solve a problem there. You can view or even control another device anywhere in the world from your own computer. It’s for remote tech support, education and so on. There’s plenty of options out there, like the aforementioned ISL Online, Splashtop, GoToMyPC, Teamviewer, and so on.

Given the ongoing pandemic, remote access solutions are a growing industry, and an important one, obviously. If you’re in this particular segment, business is good. So why would you raise prices?

That’s not really a rhetorical question; but it’s what TeamViewer has done. So now, an individual TeamViewer Business subscription will cost you $610.80 per year (TeamViewer prices vary by country). Compare ISL Online’s pricing for a 1-year license.

Also, the TeamViewer Multi User (Premium License) now starts at $1,234.80. Not only that, you’d have to pay an additional $814.80 per year to add more channels. And an extra $418.80 per year to be able to remotely support mobile devices.

Why do this?

We really don’t know why TeamViewer has decided to raise prices on it’s commercial licenses. But it gives their competition a good opening. Oh well.

What kind of opening? Now, if you will reach out to us now and switch to ISL Online, our sales technicians will give you customized pricing and save you money.

ISL Online ISL Online Remote Desktop is a remote support product designed for pretty much any industry. That includes healthcare, information technology, universities, government, and banks. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems Some of its key features include screen sharing, permission management, unattended access to remote computers, chat messaging, session recording, WakeOnLAN, and RDP routing. So it can do a lot. But ISL Online can do more than just tech support.

And read ISL Online Remote Desktop’s latest high commendation from Investopedia!

Corporate Armor is proud to be their North American partner. We can have you reaching across the globe with ISL Online at any time of the day or night for as little as $139 a year. We even have a pay-as-you-go option.

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