The Versatile, Venerable Fortinet FG-100E

If you’re looking for top security at an excellent price, Fortinet should be on your short list. Fortinet’s FortiGate firewalls offer strong security at a good price point, and the FortiGate 100E is no exception. It is a very popular mid-to-enterprise grade firewall. The next step up in performance (and price) is the FG-100F, starting at $2054. But a price/performance analysis of the FG-100E makes it clear why this appliance still occupies an important place in the Fortinet lineup.

The FortiGate 100E starts at just $1480, which is impressive given the numbers this firewall puts up. For example, the FG100E pushes 360 Mbps of NGFW Throughput, 250 Mbps of Threat Protection, and 130 Mbps of SSL Inspection Throughput. It also has 500 Mbps IPS Throughput, and just 3 µs of latency. IPsec VPN Throughput is 4 Gbps. Of course, it also has the built-in secure SD-WAN capability that Fortinet pioneered.

The FG-100E intertwines fluidly in the cloud with other Fortinet products. with great features and support. The web interface is extremely intuitive and the CLI is a breeze to use. The VPN capacity, SSL inspection, and other traffic metrics are eye-popping for the price. The high availability and SD Wan features that customers want are super easy to use and configure. FortiGates are a great alternative to more expensive solutions that still lag way behind.

In addition, the support and training portals are very very informative. FortiGate is definitely pushing boundaries with its UTM devices.


It has a true next-gen firewall feature set. Building policies to perfectly suit your infrastructure needs is surprisingly easy. It’s a very scalable solution that will serve a mid-sized organization with plenty of room to grow into. And, it’s easy to license up or down to suit your needs. Plus, Fortinet’s partner support is amazing.

Utilizing NGFW functionality like UTM, Web Filtering, IPS, the FG100E is excellent for anything up to 100 users, and even more. And you have additional head room in CPU and memory for the future. It may not be important immediately, but it will be when the unit’s approaching end-of-life.

More Features

Intrusion Prevention – with this feature, you get the latest defense updates on network intrusions. Also, you’ll have URL filtering. This safeguards users from websites with malware and spyware that steal private data. There’s also Application Filtering, and of course, secure SD-WAN.

This is a true next-generation firewall. It uses both static and dynamic deep packet inspection when distinguishing safe applications from unsafe ones. It moves beyond protocol, and adds a deeper-level application inspection. This is to ensure that connections between networks are valid and secure. Next-generation firewalls can block malware even before it enters the network.

What’s the difference between the FG-100E and the FG-100EF?

Now that we’ve talked all about the FortiGate 100E, there’s one more thing. And that’s the FortiGate 100EF. You may have seen it and wondered what the difference between the two is. The answer is, not a whole lot, just port configuration.

The FG-100EF has six more GE SFP slots than the FG-100E does. So, whereas the FG-100E has two of them, the FG-100EF has eight. However, the FG-100E 14 RJ45 Ethernet ports, whereas the FG-100EF has only eight. Everything else is the same.

Fortinet FG-100E: WHO NEEDS IT?

Another great question! The FortiGate 100E is a midrange firewall that is easy to deploy and operate. It gives you complete visibility of your entire network. If you’re a small or medium-sized business with a hundred users or even more, this firewall might have your name all over it.

We’d love to tell you more about the FortiGate 100E. So, why not give us a call at 877-449-0458, or reach out at [email protected]? Thanks for reading!

Fortinet FG-100E highlights

NGFW Throughput – 360 Mbps
SSL Inspection Throughput – 130 Mbps
New Sessions/second – 30,000
GW to GW IPSec VPN Tunnels – 2,000
1 GbE Interfaces – 22