Corporate Armor joins BlueAlly

The headline pretty much sums it up; Corporate Armor has joined forces with BlueAlly. This means you can expect even more from the team you trust (keep reading). Based in Cary, NC, BlueAlly has been delivering IT solutions since 2013. They serve businesses of all sizes, government entities, educational institutions, and regulated industries nationwide.

A little more about BlueAlly

BlueAlly services a number of Fortune 100 companies. This includes top media corporations, the world’s top communications firm, one of the largest credit unions and the world’s largest power management company. BlueAlly helps clients scale, optimize, and manage their IT resources to reach their business goals.

Their focus security governance & compliance, cloud & infrastructure, and application & automation. They also offer consulting and managed services in all these categories. BlueAlly also offers a Security Operations Center and an Integration Center. Here they configure hardware, and tested by certified experts, before staging and shipping it to meet installation timelines.

In a nutshell, they offer an absolute ton of professional and managed services (among other things). And this is all BlueAlly; none of it is outsourced. In fact, with over 700 global engagements successfully delivered, they provide clients with the best of both worlds: superior Managed Services, expertise in a range of Infrastructure Rationalization, Service Management, and Technology Strategy.

And this union means Corporate Armor offers all this, as well.

Why is this good news?

Simply put, this will be a transition upwards for both sides. BlueAlly and Corporate Armor will now seamlessly share capabilities and services to greatly expand what both companies can offer you.

As BlueAlly Technology Solutions and Corporate Armor move forward together, you may notice a rebranding process across our channels in the following months. While this is underway, we will continue to provide superior quality products on the Corporate Armor website, same as always. And we invite you to explore our expanded selection of IT services and solutions at BlueAlly. They’re really something else.

We have united with a company that will greatly expand the products and services we can offer to you, and is every bit as committed to your success as we are. You can read more about it here. Please call us at 877-449-0458, or email us if you have any questions.

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