FortiGate Cloud Firewall Management and Services

FortiGate Cloud Firewall Management and Services is a cloud based SaaS built specifically for FortiGate firewalls and offers a wide range of management and services. FortiGate Cloud greatly simplifies initial deployment, setup, maintenance, and ongoing operations for FortiGates and the connected devices. This includes FortiSwitches, FortiAPs, and FortiExtenders. And it works remotely, too.

This cloud based service doesn’t require maintenance or management like a dedicated appliance.

Plus, FortiGate Cloud can grow with your needs, capable of managing FortiGates at multiple sites. It can scale from a single FortiGate to a complete MSP management solution for thousands of devices. You can configure ettings such as IP addresses centrally, for individual devices or pushed to multiple devices. Configuration backups are kept in FortiGate Cloud to assist with replace or recovery efforts.

Easy to set up

Let’s be honest; initial configuration of firewalls, switches, and access points can be tricky, often needing expert staff on-site to set up each device individually. Nobody looks forward to it. But zero touch provisioning greatly simplifies local or remote onboarding for the initial config.

A FortiCloud key provides an easy mechanism to import FortiGates into FortiGate Cloud using the automatic connection FortiGates have with FortiGate Cloud. In this way hundreds of FortiGates can be provisioned using a bulk FortiCloud key in environments such as large retail or education networks. Once a communication tunnel is set up, FortiGate Cloud configures managed devices quickly and easily.

Easy to make sense of

The UI/Ux design is very clean and intuitive. It’s user friendly and unique. Every bit of your data can be online and accessible from anywhere in the world securely and safely. Ease of use is a definite plus.

Cool things about FortiGate Cloud

It gives you turnkey provisioning of your FortiGates at remote sites when on-site config expertise is unavailable. This is because FortiGates include FortiGate Cloud registration function in their firmware. Individual or multiple devices can provision themselves with minimal on-site expertise.

You can you manage your entire infrastructure from a single cloud based interface. But by allowing FortiGate to manage your FortiSwitch, FortiAP, and FortiExtender, it can also extend its functionality into them. For example, the switch ports inherit the same properties as the firewall, making them extensions of the firewall. And it works for for the FortiAP, too.

And, it can further allow automation in the face of a threat. When an infected client is detected through Indicators of Compromise, the switch or AP can even block the device until the problem is resolved.

FortiGate Cloud has all the features you would expect, like hosted log retention and cloud based storage (already mentioned), 2FA, instant security intelligence and analytics, and simple deployment and management of your SD-WAN. And of course, it encrypts all communication.

Ultimate Security and availability

Of course, FortiGate Cloud encrypts all communication. This includes log information between your FortiGate devices and the cloud. And Fortinet deploys redundant data centers to give the FortiGate Cloud service its extremely high availability.

Fortinet has used its years of experience in protecting sophisticated networks worldwide to implement operational security measures that make sure your data is secure and only you can access it. And Corporate Armor has years of experience as a top Fortinet partner. Why not reach out here or call 877-449-0458 and let us tell you more about the world’s leading provider of peace of mind?

Highlights of FortiGate Cloud Firewall Management and Services

FortiGate can manage and extend its functionality into FortiSwitch, FortiAP, and FortiExtender
Easily provision your FortiGates at remote sites
Provides preconfigured and customized reports
Multitenancy enables the management of customers and users easily and simply