A little about AVG Internet Security Business Edition

AVG Internet Security Business Edition graphic

Let’s check out AVG Internet Security Business Edition endpoint security software. It’s primarily an SMB security solution, perfect for organizations up to around 100 people. AVG guards computers with multiple protective levels and shields. It starts with traditional viral scans against a threat list backed up by machine heuristic scanning. AVG’s CyberCapture nabs anything that goes through these networks. Then, after quick analysis, it creates a fix using artificial intelligence. Amazingly, this often takes only seconds. The company updates users’ systems several times a day to stay ahead of the hackers.

Scalable security, scalable pricing

Fortunately, AVG understands that superior security software isn’t much use if you can’t afford it. So, for example, you can protect 3 computers for a year for less than $50 each.

And it only gets better from there: With AVG Internet Security, you can provide enterprise-class security to 25 computers for an entire year for about $30 each. You say you want to go ahead and lock them down for 3 years? It’s about $22 per computer/year.

Getting started with AVG

You will appreciate AVG’s clean, easy-to-understand interface. It is refreshingly easy to use. It has a nifty Quick Install feature that runs seamlessly in the background, without slowing you down. Setting it up does require the license number upfront.

Then, once under way, software loading is lightning quick. It is far faster than many of it’s competitors.

And, rather than individually setting up each client’s defenses, AVG has a powerful policies engine to roll out configuration and changes. Any policy can be applied to a single system, group or to all of the company’s computers.

A few features

Additionally, AVG protects email and file servers where important business data lives. File shredder deletes files to avoid any unintentional recovery. This gives you the ability to obliterate the file using any of several overwrite protocols. Additionally, it offers anti-spyware. This hides personal information from spyware and adware.

Plus, AVG includes Link Scanner to popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Chrome. What it does is to scan web pages for dangers before displaying them. It now also protects against Facebook and Twitter attacks.

And, AVG Internet Security Business can stop fileless and script-based attacks before any damage occurs. Additionally, it includes a powerful firewall to stand between your computer and the web. Subsequently, any dangerous email attachments are scanned on the company’s SharePoint or Exchange server before opening. Then, it quarantines anything that might cause trouble.

AVG works on wired and wireless networks, and is compatible with Windows-based systems. It’s a good, reliable, secure protection against data, PC hijack, and identity theft. Support for the Internet Security Business Edition is all-day, all-night. It gives employees the ability to call in, send emails or use an online chat window. It’s an excellent setup for the growing company that doesn’t respect the 9-to-5 routine.

With AVG, you will be able to protect your business from financial losses via virus attacks. One of its strengths is its ability to auto update anti virus definitions. And that’s even as new viruses and malware are being developed by hackers.

If you would like to know more about any AVG product, or want to enquire about personalized pricing, please reach out to us. Or, you can call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!


Auto-updates anti virus definition
All-day, all-night Technical Support
Powerful File Shredder feature
Super-clean, friendly Interface
Multiple protective levels and shields