Barracuda F80B CloudGen Firewall Review

Corporate Armor has been partnering with Barracuda for a long time. So we thought it was high time to do a review on one of these. We decided to start with the Barracuda F80B CloudGen firewall. It isn’t a new model, but neither are a lot of the appliances we discuss. What it is, is a very important, very popular SMB firewall. We’re going to talk about why.

The Barracuda F80B next-gen firewall looks like the perfect choice for SMBs that require tough network security.

Unlike traditional firewalls, CloudGen firewalls are designed specifically to support public cloud deployment. They are designed to protect users, applications and data regardless of your infrastructure’s layout.

The Barracuda F80B uses priority level security, and has very quick deployment and easy troubleshooting. With a CloudGen firewall, you can manage policies from a single firewall device. Additionally, you can get live monitoring on what is happening with the devices. CloudGen firewalls also reduce the amount of spam that can pass through the network.

Features of the F80B

The Barracuda F80B CloudGen firewall offers Advanced Threat Protection, Malware Protection, and Intrusion prevention. It also has Web filtering, User identity awareness, and more.

Total firewall throughput for the F80B is 2 Gbps, VPN throughput is 720 Mbps, and NGFW throughput is 400 Mbps. Full threat protection throughput is 380 Mbps, and you can run 80,000 concurrent sessions.

The F80B has centralized management of all functionality. So, you can manage traffic regulations and profiling from a single location. It also connects securely with SD-WAN. This allows you to access the cloud through a single gateway. You can also replace MPLS connections with up to 24 broadband connections per VPN tunnel. This will help you to lower costs, increase performance, and eliminate redundancy. You can read more about SD-WAN here.

Their proprietary TINA VPN tunnels are impressive for interconnecting multiple sites. Once setup they are reliable and robust. And they feature encrypted backups.

Cloud management

Cloud management offers greater agility and flexibility. But it also requires more automation. The CloudGen Firewall F-Series offers fully-automated protection. And it operates across multiple cloud deployments.

Barracudas can be tricky to set up initially, but they are very easy to manage once up and running. And Barracuda support is talented and always willing to help resolve issues. It’s a real strong point of theirs. You can manage the Barracuda from anywhere with Barracuda cloud control. You can even run firmware updates from your phone on all you Barracuda devices.

Finally, please remember that Corporate Armor sees your needs as unique, and we will meet them personally and quickly. We are never more than a few seconds away, whether you email us or call us at 877-449-0458. We can’t wait to serve you!

Barracuda F80B highlights

2 Gbps firewall throughput
720 Mbps VPN throughput
400 Mbps NGFW throughput
80,000 concurrent sessions