Fortimonitor Digital Experience Monitor – Here’s what it does

First of all, Fortimonitor Digital Experience Monitor used to be Panopta. It’s now FortiMonitor.

FortiMonitor is directed at Network Operations Center teams. If you work on an NOC or have an NOC in your organization, FortiMonitor is for you. It is a digital experience monitoring platform. What it does, is it gives your NOC team (IT types) unmatched visibility. You can observe any application, starting from the end user, across any network, and in the infrastructure the application is hosted on. It enriches incident management and supplies holistic remediation of performance issues that impact your business.

Fortimonitor’s unified monitoring and automated incident management will reduce response and resolution times. But it goes beyond providing basic monitoring. It also gives NOCs the tools they need to detect issues before they occur and minimize the impact of outages or slow load time.

Great. How ’bout in plain English?

We’ll try. Basically, Fortimonitor Digital Experience Monitor analyzes network and security health on the digital experience. Potential problem areas are identified and remediated before they impact the business. IT teams gain full visibility of network performance and security posture. So everything from security issues, to app performance, to end-user policy compliance to customer experience are holistically monitored. And problems are addressed promptly. It slickens everything up, and makes sure it’s secure. FortiMonitor:

  • Troubleshoots user-to-application issues
  • Proactively identifies and remediates issues
  • Improves customer and employee digital experience

Core components

FortiMonitor sort of breaks down into two components. The first is DEM, or Digital Experience Monitoring. FortiMonitor consolidates monitoring data into a single SaaS-based platform. This then collects telemetry (fancy word for data)and then visualizes the on screen for you. It does things like performs synthetic testing to monitor application uptime, user experience, and performance. It also improves customer experience while proactively identifying service degradation. Plus, it tracks endpoint performance like CPU, memory, disk, and network metrics, and application performance. That aides in troubleshooting with insights into what users are experiencing.

The second is Enriched Incident and Event Management. Centralized NOC management enables you to observe, correlate, and respond to incidents. Right from a single platform. If DEM is the smooth-operation side, this is the security side. FortiMonitor can suppress alert noise with consolidated performance-monitoring to quickly identify the root cause in a single incident.

It also gathers performance metrics for NOC teams to facilitate triage and escalation. And it maximizes team collaboration through timeline and messaging features, which accelerates response time. In addition to this, critical events will trigger notification to team members instantly. This can happen via email, SMS, or the FortiMonitor app. You will have a single, non-fragmented, and organized source of reliable data.

And FortiMonitor enables an operator to respond to issues with flexible automated runbooks. These can be tuned to an organization’s best practices to accelerate operational and response tasks. So it automates.

Features and benefits

FortiMonitor allows you to observe and improve performance across the globe while identifying security anomalies. Plus, it gives you excellent application performance. And since it’s SaaS, deployment of network and digital experience monitoring is simple. You will be able to understand your entire network and security posture instantly, without operator intervention.

Fortimonitor will help IT teams proactively diagnose and resolve network health incidents. It can also analyze network health metrics and application performance to identify problems that impact user access. It also enables rapid, automated remediation.

And of course, FortiMonitor integrates with the Fortinet Security Fabric. This enables you to import all eligible Fortinet devices into FortiMonitor. This means you can basically hyperscale this digital experience and network performance monitoring.

FortiMonitor just stands out. It’s probably the most comprehensive digital experience and network performance monitoring solution available. It gives you full-stack visibility into every service, network device, and application in any deployment. And it doesn’t matter whether whether in containers, cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

Corporate Armor can answer all your questions about Fortinet FortiMonitor, so please reach out to us or call 877-449-0458.

FortiMonitor highlights

Increase customer satisfaction ratings
Send alerts via mobile app, email, SMS, phone call, and ticketing integrations
Observe beyond the network, replicate user experience to easily identify potential performance issues
Adapt to any environment, monitor from the end user’s device, across any network
Visualize all network elements in real time, see how they connect, identify performance issues

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