SonicWall firewalls are in stock now! SERIOUSLY!

(With thanks to Kayvon Sadeghi, SonicWall) It’s true. SonicWall firewalls are in stock now. We’re not sure how, but SonicWall is fulfilling orders quickly and seamlessly.

Nowadays, just about all hardware is backordered a mile, due to the same supply chain issues that are affecting many other sectors of the economy. And inflation is causing a lot of price increases, as well However, it can be remedied!

That’s because SonicWall planned ahead.

Why the shortage?

A recent survey found that 75% of companies have had negative impacts on their businesses due to disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic. The computer chip shortage and its effect on security vendors has been especially bad. Many firms do not have the product in their inventory to meet their customers’ demands, as you may have experienced. To remedy these problems, vendors are delaying upgrades, upselling more expensive products, cutting functionalities or just EOL-ing some products.

In cybersecurity, such delays can be catastrophic. As ransomware gangs roam global networks seemingly unopposed, shortages and disruptions cause a nightmare of uncertainty for their network security expansion plans. Not only that, delays expose networks to unnecessary risk as attackers take advantage of known and fixable gaps in security. Network managers understand, but who can blame them for seeking out more reliable sources?

Not all Security Vendors Are Impacted Equally by Shortages

Frankly, not all security vendors are hit equally. Some had the foresight to manage the situation. For SonicWall, they got busy working minimalizing disruptions and maintaining a robust product supply. How? Well, at the earliest signs of shortages, they started working with their suppliers to strategically manage our supply positions. They identified crucial parts and increased supply in anticipation of a strong rebound.

Benjamin Franklin wrote, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” SonicWall takes that to heart by working closely with their suppliers. They identify shortages in the supply chain and actually redesign solutions to take advantage of more readily available parts. And all without sacrificing quality or durability. How cool is that?

These preparatory efforts were well worth it, given the severity of the chip shortage that persists. Successfully meeting global challenges in the supply chain allows SonicWall and Corporate Armor to respond to customer needs more readily with the solutions you need.

The Rewards of Being Prepared

By being ready for this, SonicWall is acting on their customer’s behalf. The reward for all this work is a strong inventory of products, while many of our competitors struggle to fill theirs. If your current security vendor is giving you excuses and can’t offer you the solution you need in a timely manner, it is time to talk to Corporate Armor about SonicWall.

A little about what you get with SonicWALL firewalls

It’s nice to know you can have state-of-the-art, top-brand security covering your back, even now. SonicWall firewalls, namely the TZ and NSa series, are perfect for every use case in the SMB to enterprise ranges. They are small-to-mid range firewalls that just seems to out-perform their pricepoint.

For example, the TZ400 is available for well-under $900 at Corporate Armor. So can the TZ400W. These are excellent appliances easily capable of safeguarding a mid-sized network.

One of the best things about SonicWall firewalls is that you can add modules, or features, as needed. It’s an a la carte approach that’s great for small to medium-sized businesses. In other words, businesses that may not need to pay for full-on enterprise level security. Nevertheless, it’s quite easy to add the modules in when you decide to.

SonicWall’s cloud-management and sandboxing is a cool feature worth mentioning. When any of the myriad SonicWall devices linked together in the cloud discovers an unknown malware, guess what it does? Shares it with every other SonicWall. So that unknown malware becomes famous to every SonicWall appliance everywhere that’s using the SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection module.

And a big benefit of cloud-based sandboxing is that it’s not limited to one engine. SonicWall uses several of them, so it’s nearly impossible to create malware that could trick all of them.

SMB’s don’t generally assume they can afford this level of layered protection. But it’s nice to know it’s here. And the SonicWall line, with its modular feature set, is hugely scalable.

We are ready to deliver the products you need at fantastic prices, with Corporate Armor 5-star service added in at no extra charge! So email us, or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!