Zix Secure Cloud – What’s this all about?

Zix is famous for its’ email security offerings like ZixEncrypt and ZixMail. But through a somewhat dizzying series of acquisitions, they have expanded their capabilities. This results in their new, flagship offering, called Zix Secure Cloud. It’s a new platform that helps MSPs deliver a “secure modern workplace” featuring integrated cloud productivity, security, and compliance applications.

Zix is still a leader in email security, but with their recent expansions they can do much more to help organizations overcome their greatest digital transformation challenges by providing a secure, modern workplace. Secure Cloud is an easy-to-use solution that encompasses not only email encryption, but data loss prevention, advanced threat protection, information archiving, and cloud backup.

Zix Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud integrates products from Zix’s security and archiving portfolio with the Microsoft 365 ordering and billing platform from AppRiver, a fairly recent Zix acquisition.

Included in Secure Cloud are an underlying set of tools and services called the Zix Secure Platform. There’s also an integrated family of security, compliance, and productivity solutions. These are called the Zix Secure Suite.

Secure Cloud ensures that your communications are secure and archived safely. It’s components are Email Threat Protection, Email Encryption, Secure File Share, Information Archiving, and Microsoft 365. It will lock down the most-attacked threat vector of them all:  Email.

Not only that, built-in cyber-intelligence continuously monitors your environment in order to adapt and improve as threats and compliance needs arise. It’s a super secure platform that’s easy to manage, in a single dashboard.

The security portion of the suite compliments AppRiver’s existing advanced threat protection services. It has features like email encryption, time-of-click URL checking designed to protect users from potentially dangerous websites, and attachment sandboxing. There’s also the ability to cleanse mailboxes of malicious emails that made it past those defenses earlier.

Improved Integration

Zix also enhanced AppRiver’s multi-factor authentication service. They also made integration with Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory better. And, the whole thing is modular, and that means users can customize what they roll out to individual customers and users.

The new platform also has all-new, mobile-friendly interface. It has been modernized, and is available on any device. And behind it all is Zix’s phenomenal 24/7 support (with 97% first-call resolution), and a customer satisfaction rating that’s TWICE the industry average.

Beyond its’ artificial intelligence and machine learning, the whole thing is backed by a team of real threat analysts and compliance experts.

Secure Cloud marks a transformation for Zix. A transformation which serves as a vehicle for fusing email security and advanced threat protection with Microsoft 365. and then sell the resulting solution through AppRiver’s network of MSP partners.

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Highlights of Zix Secure Cloud

Built-in, self learning cyber-intelligence continuously monitors your environment
Backed by a team of real threat analysts and compliance experts
Able to cleanse mailboxes of malicious emails that made it past other defenses
All-new, mobile-friendly interface