What is Sophos Central, anyway?

You hear a lot about Sophos Central when you read our Sophos-related articles. So it seemed like a good idea to explain a little about what it is. Sophos Central is the cloud console where you manage your Sophos products. It gives you one place to run firewalls, access points, Intercept X, Sophos Email, everything. That means your endpoint, mobile, encryption, web, email, server, and wireless security. All of it overseen from your Sophos Central dashboard. If you’re a network administrator and use Sophos products for maintaining optimal security, Sophos Central will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Using a synchronized management platform like this ha a lot of benefits. You’ll enjoy security intelligence sharing, policies that follow users, easy configuration, detailed and summary reporting, and automatically prioritized alerts.

Onboarding is quite easy. And the ability to create custom policies and deploy them to groups of machines or users is very handy. And in particular, migration from the on-prem version of Sophos to Sophos Central is almost seamless. Ease of deployment and policy configuration in the Central console are excellent.

What Sophos Central can do

With Sophos Central, you can manage security policies and administer multiple products from one screen. There’s no management servers needed. And the nice thing is, Sophos Central provides default policies and recommended configurations for you. This ensures you get the most effective protection from day one. It also makes things really easy.

Your endpoints, servers, appliances, and devices will check in directly with Sophos Central. From there they receive new settings, send alerts, and share contextual security intelligence.

Sophos Central Partner Support

This is pretty cool. Your Sophos Support Partner also uses Sophos Central to manage their business, meaning you can grant them access to your configuration if needed. Want someone to check out your firewall configuration? No problem, your Sophos Support Partner can assist.

What you’ll like about Sophos Central

Real-time monitoring and alerting is excellent, and you can isolate machines that are displaying questionable behavior. This is incredibly useful. The Threat Analysis Center allows for near-real time observation of the suspicious activity, and allows for easy visualization of how these processes are interacting with others.

One outstanding feature is the way it manages security policies at the global level. It’s really nice when you have, for instance, hundreds of endpoints. Analyzing potential security flaws, intrusions or web browsing management, everything becomes really simple simply by applying predefined rules in Central. You can manage blocks of users by categories and apply policies quickly and easily. And you receive pre-configured alerts the moment if something is not fulfilled.

You will be satisfied with the ease of use of Sophos Central, and the amount of information that it displays as well as the amount of settings that can be made from one place. You can observe an incident at a glance at any point, and quickly analyze intrusions and security flaws and remedy them.

We can tell you more about Sophos Central, and all the Sophos products and solutions it manages easily and clearly. So email us, or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. We can’t wait to serve you!


Excellent real-time monitoring and alerting
You you can isolate machines that are displaying questionable behavior
Near-real time observation of suspicious activity
Comprehensive, easy-to-use predefined rules
No management servers needed