Turn your Sophos SG license into an XG license… easy!

Corporate Armor is an extremely experienced Sophos partner. We can help you find your perfect solution, and we can do it for less cost to you. Sophos SG and XG are expansive families of products, and they are tremendously popular. Models like the XG115, from $537, XG125, from $717, XG135, from $943, and SG105, from $400, are among our top sellers, and for good reason.

But today, we’re talking about turning Sophos SGs into XGs. So let’s say you’ve installed the XG SFOS operating system on your trusty Sophos SG UTM firewall. In other words, you’ve converted your SG firewall into an XG (for all intents and purposes). Now, you need to do the same with your licensing. And it’s easy!

You’ll learn how to do this with the setup wizard. There’s hardly anything to it. Plus, we’ll briefly explain how to migrate afterwards via the firewall backend, as an alternative.

License Migration in the Setup Wizard

When you first start using your XG (SFOS) firewall, the setup wizard takes you through a basic configuration. You will eventually come across “Register your Firewall.” This is where you can upload the license file of your SG (UTM). The license will then be validated on a Sophos license server. Of course, this requires an internet connection.

At this point, the process is quite self-explanatory and well laid out by Sophos. Therefore, we will not go into the next steps here.


If you don’t have an Internet connection during setup (or you don’t want to migrate your Sophos UTM license with the setup wizard), you can simply click Continue. You will skip this step for now, and you can perform the migration afterwards in the backend.

License migration through the firewall backend

If you completed the setup wizard without migrating your license, log in to the XG Firewall with your username and password. Then select Administration from the navigation menu.

At the last place on this page you should see the License Upgrade area. Now simply click on Browse and select your UTM license file. Then click on Migrate UTM 9 License. For a virtual firewall, the process is the same, but the Base License must be purchased once. The base license is included free of charge with Sophos hardware only, not with virtual appliances.

What you get when you migrate to the new Sophos XG license:

-Base Firewall in addition to your other licenses
-EnterpriseGuard includes Base Firewall, Network and Web
-FullGuard includes Base Firewall, Network, Web Email and Web Server
-Sophos FullGuard becomes Sophos Firewall FullGuard
-FullGuard Plus comprises Base Firewall, Network, Web, Email, Web Server and Sandstorm
-FullGuard Plus becomes Sophos Firewall FullGuard Plus

Now, if you have a BasicGuard license it will be converted to a FullGuard license. However, the remaining term will be halved in length related to whatever time you had left on BasicGuard.

Sophos Software/Virtual UTM upgrades

The licensing model for Virtual firewalls running SFOS is based on the number of cores and of RAM that SFOS will utilize. Not by the number of Users/IPs. When you upgrade, you will get a different size license depending on the license size you start with:

Virtual UTM
Migrates to
SFOS model
Virtual SFOS license description
10SFv1C4Maximum of 1 Core and 2 GB RAM
25SFv1C4Maximum of 1 Core and 2 GB RAM
50SFv2C4Maximum of 2 Cores and 4 GB RAM
75SFv2C4Maximum of 2 Cores and 4 GB RAM
100SFv4C6Maximum of 4 Cores and 6 GB RAM
150SFv4C6Maximum of 4 Cores and 6 GB RAM
250SFv6C8Maximum of 6 Cores and 8 GB RAM
500SFv8C16Maximum of 8 Cores and 16 GB RAM
750SFv8C16Maximum of 8 Cores and 16 GB RAM
1,000SFv16C24Maximum of 16 Cores and 24 GB RAM
1,500SFv16C24Maximum of 16 Cores and 24 GB RAM
2,500SFvUNLUnlimited Cores and RAM
UnlimitedSFvUNLUnlimited Cores and RAM

And, if you have any questions, just email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!