ESET Protect Advanced – Let’s take a look!

ESET is highly economical, yet effective, and easy-to-use Antivirus. It’s a great overall security package. And it’s getting a lot of really good independent reviews and customer write-ups. We’re going to look at a new product, ESET Protect Advanced.

ESET has re-named it’s primary offerings and re-vamped it’s interface. They’ve added features and introduced cloud-control, too. This is to address a huge increase in demands for cloud-based services. The result is ESET Protect (ask us about it!). It comes in different flavors like Entry, Advanced, Complete, and so on. It should be noted that there is an on-premise version of ESET Protect for those who do not want cloud-based management.

At its core, the ESET Protect family reflects changes to the bundling of ESET products. It is a fresh new approach to cloud services.

ESET Protect Advanced addresses the growing needs of customers to protect their IT environment on additional levels. This is an outgrowth of the surge towards EDR. And especially XDR solutions that have become so prevalent in IT security. It is a direct response to post-Covid related realities. It might be good to think of this as a holistic, multi-platform approach to network security.

Features of ESET Protect Advanced

ESET Protect Advanced features ESET’s full Endpoint Protection suite (read about it here), plus Cloud Sandboxing, and Full Disk Encryption. There is now also file server security, with secure banking protection.

With its Dynamic Threat Defense, it provides proactive protection against zero-day threats. It does this by executing all submitted suspicious samples in an isolated and powerful cloud sandbox environment. Then, it evaluates their behavior using threat intelligence feeds, ESET’s internal static and dynamic analysis, and reputation data.

The overall result is multiple layers of protection that can detect malware before, during, and after execution. Machine learning, advanced behavioral analytics, big data and human expertise work in dynamic equilibrium to balance performance, detection and false positives.

ESET Full Disk Encryption

This is a feature native to the ESET Protect management console. It allows one-click encryption of data on Windows and Mac endpoints. ESET Full Disk Encryption significantly increases your organization’s data security. It also helps you comply with data protection regulations.

Cloud-based management

ESET Protect is a cloud-based, multifunctional network security management tool. It unifies operation for ESET business security products across all operating systems. Plus, it enables one-click security deployment and gives you network visibility like never before.

Lightweight and easy to use

ESET Protect Advanced runs unnoticed by the user, except for a quick ESET screen that flashes on your display when turning on your computer. It does not compromise the speed or efficiency of my computer.

The super easy-to-use interface is certainly one of the best parts of the “new” ESET. It even has a drag-and-drop option. From the dashboard you can easily see the status of all clients, whether local or remote.

Finally, the ESET Protect offerings are designed to be scalable to practically any use case. ESET Protect Advanced is powerful, well-designed, holistic Endpoint Protection. It delivers standout threat detection. Plus, it is nicely balanced between being easy to use and effective. In addition, ESET carries a very friendly pricetag.

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Highlights of ESET Protect Advanced

Cloud-based console
Full disk encryption
Cloud sandbox
Lightweight, easy to set up and use
Excellent against ransomware and zero days