Extreme AP360i/e Wi-Fi 6 outdoor access point!

The Extreme AP360i/e access point is based on new system-on-a-chip architecture. It provides dual 2×2 software programable radios. It’s designed to support dual 5 GHz deployment scenarios. The AP360 offers the choice of integrated or external antennas.

The AP360 is available with either internal or external antenna configuration options.

As a Wi-Fi 6 device, the Extreme AP360i/e delivers high-performance wireless access. It’s designed for harsh, high-density environments, and is IP67 outdoor-rated. It’s good for hurricane force winds to sub-zero temperature. It has integrated Bluetooth Low Energy and Zigbee for IoT connectivity. And it has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports that can power digital phones, IoT sensors, or cameras.

The AP360i/e and Wi-Fi 6

Obviously, each new increase in the WiFi standard has meant a boost in performance. Unfortunately, the gradual gains have not kept pace with demand. That’s why “The wireless here s@#%ks!” is such an ongoing refrain in airports, hotels malls and offices worldwide. However, WiFi 6 is designed specifically for such high-density settings.

Here’s the thing. In WiFi, bandwidth is shared among endpoint devices. And, when you are in a high-traffic are with lots of access points, their coverage areas will overlap. Think stadiums, concerts, or busy airports. So, as you walk through your airport, you can be moving from one access point to another.

Currently, your endpoint listens for an all-clear signal before transmitting. Basically, it waits it’s turn to speak. So here you are, moving through your airport. Your endpoint (phone) is one of maybe thousands of APs and endpoints yelling and hiccuping at each other trying to be heard. It’s sort of like the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Get enough devices in the same area, efficiency and performance suffer.

So, what WiFi 6 does, is it opens up more lines for endpoints to talk on, so they don’t have to wait as long for their turn. It also allows more data into each packet, which can increase total throughput nearly 40%.

AP360i/e security features

The AP360 provides context-based security and performance optimization. These technologies are especially designed for multi-dwelling environments. It is accomplished through an on-board stateful L2-L7 DPI firewall, advanced and customizable Quality of Service for traffic optimization, encrypted client tunneling, and more.

Private Client Groups capability helps to microsegment multi-dwelling environments without complex Wi-Fi or VLAN setups. User, device, and application profiling at the edge of the network IDs and fine-tunes network access and performance. It does this based on role and priveleges. This results in secure compliant, high-performance wireless.

In conclusion, the Extreme AP360i/e is a very capable hospitality access point. It has a great set of features for an SMB device. It is designed to be easy to set up, easy to manage over large number of users, and tough to break in to. If you would like to know more about the Extreme AP360i/e Wi-Fi 6 access point, please email us. Or, you can call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!

Extreme AP3601/e highlights

Cellular Coexistence Filter minimizes interference from cellular networks
Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy and Zigbee for IoT connectivity
Dual-radio 2×2:2
On-board stateful L2-L7 firewall