Explain FortiCare and FortiGuard, please!

Some firewalls can be used without a software license. However, many of the real security benefits of Fortinet products come with a subscription to FortiGuard services.

When you purchase a Fortinet appliance, you have several options to go with the firewall itself. Basically, these support contracts ensure that your firewall performs at its highest level, for as long as possible. The options we offer combine FortiCare and FortiGuard. Without these support options in place, a firewall would be an expensive doorstop.

Even the smallest Fortinet models can provide all the NGFW advanced security features when subscribed to FortiGuard services.

In a nutshell…

Basically, FortiGuard is the constantly self-updating security part of your Fortinet firewall. It’s what makes it a firewall. And, each option includes a range of security services designed to tackle the most advanced threats at any given time. This includes AntiVirus, Advanced Malware Protection, Content Filtering, and Sandboxing. In addition, there’s AntiSpam, Email Security, Botnet Protection, and more.

Plus, you have access to AI-powered intelligence services like App Control and Intrusion Prevention. These licenses come in one, three, and five year options.

Moreover, Fortinet offers four bundle categories of subscriptions. They are 360 Protection, Enterprise Protection, UTM, and Threat Protection. These simply provide different levels of advanced features like Web Filtering, Intrusion Prevention, and much more.

So what’s FortiCare?

Basically, FortiGuard turbocharges the defensive capabilities of your device. On the other hand, FortiCare is Fortinet’s 5-star customer service.

FortiCare gives you global tech support on a per-product basis. You’ll receive a timely response to any technical issues, and complete visibility on ticket resolution progress. It includes firmware upgrades and access to the support portal and technical resources. In addition, there’s reporting on technical incidents (via the web, chat, and telephone), and a hardware return option.

So, we hope this brief explanation has been helpful in explaining the subscription services that power and enhance your Fortinet. Our aim is to make these topics easier to understand. And, if you have any further questions, please email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!