Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server

We’ve put in a good bit of time talking about Sophos Intercept X. In a nutshell, it’s Sophos’ new family of security software products. It starts with Intercept X Essentials, and goes up to Intercept X with Managed Threat Response, which actually employs (among other things) real, live. human security experts on your behalf 24/7. But now there’s this thing called Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server.

Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server exists in three versions, corresponding to the different versions of Intercept X already mentioned. So, there’s Intercept X Advanced for Server, Intercept X Advanced for Server with XDR, and Intercept X Advanced for Server with Managed Threat Response (MTR).

Remind me about what Sophos Intercept X is, please?

Well, prior to the introduction of Intercept X, Sophos offered Central Endpoint as its primary endpoint protection solution. As an older product, it doesn’t include deep learning AI, CryptoGuard, and many other protection features that make Intercept X a complete and effective security solution.

Then came the whole Intercept X thing. There are several iterations of Intercept X. But the main differences between the Intercept X’es and Sophos Central Endpoint is the addition of Deep Learning Malware Detection, Exploit Prevention, Malicious Traffic Detection, Active Adversary Mitigations, and a few other things. It’s just more powerful and advanced. We have explanations of the different flavors of Sophos Intercept X here.


The Intercept X platform merges technologies such as deep learning, AI and endpoint detection and response to provide holistic endpoint security. It works for Mac and Windows computers as well as servers (obviously), virtual machines, and cloud-based IT infrastructure. It also protects mobile devices using Android, iOS, and Chrome.

Intercept X Advanced has a very robust suite of preventative security features in all of it’s iterations. For example, you gat Application Control, Deep-Learning Malware Detection, DLP, IPS, Safe Browsing, Exploit Prevention, and so on. It is a very defensive, reactive feature set. And remember, this is without even touching on Intercept X with XDR, or Intercept X with MTR.

Intercept X Advanced for Server explained

That’s the ‘elevator version’ of Intercept X Advanced, generally. Intercept X for Server adds features like:

• Detailed Multi-Cloud Inventory – Enables you to visualize your entire cloud environment. Even in multi-cloud setups you get insight into configuration issues, resource waste and potential security issues.

• AI-Powered Anomaly Detection – AI constantly monitors your cloud environment. It will notify you of any irregularities and prevent configuration changes that would leave you vulnerable.

• Automated Assessment – This keeps your cloud infrastructure at peak performance with automated best-practice scans. You are then advised about necessary remediation steps.

• Server Lockdown – Prevents unauthorized programs from running on your servers. You are notified of any attempts to tamper with critical files.

• Cloud Security Posture Management – Detect suspicious access events, insecure hosts, containers and severless deployments.

• Deploy anywhere – You can secure your Linux and Windows deployments in the cloud, on-premises, virtual machines or hybrid setups.

And like all other Sophos products, Intercept X for Server is integrated into Sophos Central. This is your console for managing all things Sophos. Set up and manage all your Sophos stuff in one place.

Overall, Intercept X does a super job providing powerful and advanced threat protection that is scalable to any sized business. It provides any administrator or generalist with excellent malware defense, and it is constantly adding more features.

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Cool features

Next-Gen protection
Cloud Security Posture Management – see and secure your wider cloud environment
Server controls including server lockdown, file integrity monitoring
Automated Assessment keeps your cloud infrastructure at peak performance

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