Meraki – Perfect for Healthcare!

Meraki is one of Corporate Armor’s best partners, and we have years of experience with them. Meraki is truly an all-in-one solution perfect for organizations with stretched budgets of time, money, and stress.

Switches like the MS120-24, from just $1059, firewalls like the MX64, from $350, and their hugely popular access points, (MR36 from $503) are adored by loyal customers.

If you are looking for simple, sophisticated technology that will plug in, and go play happily in the corner while you do your thing, Meraki is for you!

Working in IT networking and security in the healthcare sector is a pretty unique experience. Why? because keeping technology running is a critical part of patient care and saving lives. Can you say ‘pressure’? Especially as threats like ransomwares are becoming so much more prevalent and sophisticated.

Healthcare systems can involve hundreds of clinicians and nurses seeing thousands of patients every single day. As patient volumes increase over time, the impact of aging technology infrastructure can quickly become an unmanageable, unaffordable crisis.

The issues

For example, imagine a large fleet of firewalls, switches, or whatever is nearing EOL. At some point, they will no longer receive updates. And this is when things have to be replaced.

Another problem with aging infrastructure is constant downtime. The thing is, remote offices often have their own internet service provider. Some of these ISPs may not have the best connection speed or reliability. As a result, these offices can experience frequent shutdowns due to networking issues.

Technology failures mean stressed-out staff and canceled appointments. And when dealing with people who may require some sort of medical care or procedure, canceling appointments can seriously impact patient’s stress levels. It can even affect their view of a provider’s trustworthiness and professionalism. Plus, cancellations also mean missed revenue. As a result, shutdowns are very costly for a system in more ways than one.

The solution: Meraki

When upgrading technology, it’s critical to finds a solution capable of easily managing multiple sites. Of course, Meraki is completely cloud-based. So, if the internet goes down, your Meraki stack automatically finds a second ISP. That means keeping clinics and hospitals online. And, it means keeping patients happy and healthy.

This backup is so seamless, sometimes clinics don’t even know there’s been an ISP failure! And, using cellular modems for the backup connection provides a second option for rural areas.

Now, upgrading an entire Virtual Private Network can be a monumental headache. In a large organization, it can literally take a year or two. However, Meraki makes the process easier and more intuitive.

With Meraki, you can use a template to quickly create communication protocols. And, since you’re connected to the cloud, the configuration process can be accomplished from anywhere.

So you’re performing multiple configurations at a time across a whole distributed network. And installations can take less than an hour, with minimal impositions on staff and patients.

Going forward

Such a system is not just easy to set up. It’s equally easy to keep running. Being cloud-based means you can check statuses and performance network wide, right from your desk. And, when issues DO arise, they can be investigated thoroughly, without the hair-on-fire sense of panic. If you would like to know even more about how easily Meraki can revolutionize your network’s health and efficiency, just call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Or, you can email us. Thanks for reading!

Meraki highlights

True and complete cloud-management
A breeze to deploy and operate, no expertise needed
Meraki templates make rules a snap to create and implement
Seamless connectivity backup