How to renew your Fortinet FortiGate subscriptions

It’s true some firewalls can be used without a software license. However, many of the real security benefits of FortiGate come when you buy a subscription to FortiGuard and FortiCare services.

When you purchase a Fortinet appliance, you have several options to go along with the firewall itself. These options ensure that your firewall performs at its highest level, for as long as possible. The options we offer combine FortiCare and FortiGuard. And, without these support options in place, a firewall would be an expensive doorstop. You can learn more about these here. But then, if you’re looking into renewing, you are probably already familiar with them.

FortiGuard options

For small businesses, Fortinet recommends the FortiGuard UTM Bundle. This traditional UTM bundle includes NGFW Application Control and IPS, Web Filtering, and AntiVirus. Additionally, it has AntiSpam and IP & Domain Reputation.

Then, for medium and larger organizations, Fortinet recommends the FortiGuard Enterprise Bundle. Basically, it’s a beefier package designed to address today’s advanced threat landscape. The Enterprise Bundle delivers all FortiGuard security services available for the FortiGate. For example, this includes NGFW Application Control and IPS, Web Filtering, AntiVirus, and AntiSpam. Also, there’s IP & Domain Reputation, AntiBotnet, Mobile Security & FortiSandbox Cloud.

FortiCare options

For small businesses, Fortinet recommends FortiCare 24×7 Support. It includes technical support on a 365x24x7 basis. Plus, it provides an advanced hardware replacement service. This provides the assurance of around-the-clock coverage and fast turnaround for replacement of defective hardware.

For medium and larger organizations, Fortinet recommends FortiCare 360 Support. It includes all of the services that FortiCare 24×7 service offers. Plus, you get a recurring health check through a personalized monthly audit report of your FortiGate and FortiWiFi appliances.

And, as part of the service, Fortinet will proactively perform device environmental and performance audits for the contracted appliances. Based on the results, specialized Fortinet engineers will provide recommendations to help customers avoid unplanned disruptions and detect problems before they affect performance. Please note: If you would like to get Forticare 360 please email us at [email protected] to speak with a renewals specialist. Forticare 360 is currently not available through the Self-Renewal Portal.

So enough about why to renew. On to how:

First, log into your support account at

FortiGate support portal login

Next, scroll down to the “Asset” section and choose “Purchase Services”:

Purchase Services

Then, select the Device/Devices that you would like to Renew by checking the box next to the correct serial number:

• Then choose “Next”

FortiGate Choose Next

To see your options for your Renewal, choose “Additional Service Renewal Options”
• To keep your current Fortiguard/Forticare bundles simply choose “Next”
• Fortiguard Options:
– For Small businesses we recommend the UTM Fortiguard Bundle
– For Medium & Enterprise businesses we recommend the Enterprise Fortiguard Bundle

• Forticare Options:
– For Small businesses we recommend 24×7 Forticare Support
– For Medium & Enterprise businesses we recommend Forticare 360 Support. Forticare 360 is currently not available through the Self-Renewal Portal, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Renewing FortiGate Units

In the example below the user is choosing to Renew 1 year of service with the UTM bundle (Fortiguard) and 24×7 support (Forticare) option:

Renew 1 year FortiGate FortiGuard

Please note: The stand alone “FortiCare” column does NOT include the security services provided in the Fortiguard bundles but the UTM & Enterprise columns DO include Forticare support. After selecting “Continue” please read and accept the Terms & Conditions by checking the box shown below:

Terms and Conditions

Almost there…

You will now need to complete the Billing information section:
• Please Note: The Billing information/address/credit card must be exact or else the system will not accept the payment
• The billing address must be the credit card’s billing address
• The purchase total will be at the top right of the Renewal portal screen

Billing Information

Lastly, after you have completed this step you will be taken to a confirmation page. Please look over your information and ensure everything is correct before submitting order. If you run into any issues you can always open a ticket with Fortinet Customer Service in the support portal. Your renewal services will automatically be applied to the unit/units once the online renewal is processed.

• You can check your renewal purchases under “Asset” then “Purchase History”:

Purchase Hsitory

Congratulations! And, if you have any problems with this process, or any questions about this, FortiGate, or anything else Fortinet-related, be sure to give Corporate Armor a call at 877-449-0458. Also, you can email us at [email protected]. Thanks for reading!

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