A look into the Meraki MX68

Meraki MX68 firewall spotlit on a stage

The Meraki MX68 firewall is a superb, highly-popular choice if you have a small business to protect.

Years ago, Meraki released it’s super-robust mesh networking system, and they haven’t looked back. What began as an unprecedentedly easy-to-navigate ecosystem has only grown in size and maturity. Over time, a growing, increasingly-loyal customer base has come to expect that all Meraki devices are simple to set up, easy-to-use, and a breeze to manage. Well, the Meraki MX68 is no different!

The MX68 Meraki’s nifty entry-level firewall. This affordable, friendly little appliance puts non-IT types at ease with it’s ‘snap’ deployment. In fact, you can install the MX68 in seconds, and its’ completely cloud-managed. At that point, it gets all firmware upgrades through SSL connection. The VPN can be set up in 5 minutes.

Okay, it’s easy to use. But what can the Meraki MX68 do?

For one thing, the Meraki MX68 has built-in SD-WAN capability that adds networking ability to the mix that not all firewalls have. That’s not only a convenience, but a potential savings, as well. It definitely simplifies life for the non-IT professionals this appliance was designed for.

And, it features a stateful inspection firewall with a 450 Mbps transfer rate. That’s a big jump from the 250Mbps you get from the MX64. Plus, the MX68 includes two separate PoE ports for directly attaching PoE devices. The MX68 is designed for up to 50 users. Of course, you can stack them for more bandwidth.

Like any Meraki firewall, it works seamlessly with other Meraki products. It can function as a firewall for any and all other Meraki units attached, including both physical switches as well as WiFi access points.

Need a wireless version?

The MX68W (wireless) option adds in an 802.11ac Wave 2 access point that works on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and has a max throughput of 1.3 Gbps. It has 2×2:2 MIMO antennas, making this model perfectly suitable as an all-in-one, secure access point.

Who’s the MX68 designed for?

This firewall is ideal for all organizations, especially those with limited IT resources. It’s great for protecting busy networks with lots of inexperienced users, including small businesses, schools, and colleges.

A fully licensed Meraki MX68 comes with lifetime technical and hardware replacement support, and is part of the most intuitive, user-friendly ecosystem in the networking field providing everything you need for your small business’ secure networking in a single, small appliance.

In conclusion, it’s a great thing that a small IT budget doesn’t have to mean weak security. And, with the Meraki MX68 you have one that also integrates with other devices and self-configures.

Plus, with Corporate Armor, you have a team of certified Meraki specialists ready to answer your questions and guide you in the direction that’s best for you. So reach out here, or call 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!