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  • Fortinet re-designs firewalls in defiance of surly supply chain
    The FortiGate 40F and FortiGate 60F firewalls are currently available! Gotta love Fortinet. They’ve been burning the midnight oil, and figured out how to keep putting firewalls into client’s hands, even when most other vendors are struggling mightily with supply Read More
  • Cisco Catalyst CW9164 and Cisco Catalyst CW9166 Wi-Fi 6E access points shipping SOON!
    Since Meraki is owned by Cisco, a lot of what you know about Meraki access points is true of Cisco devices, as well. And that applies to the Cisco Catalyst CW9164 and Cisco Catalyst CW9166 Wi-Fi 6E access points. But Read More
  • The nimble, affordable SonicWave 641 Wi-Fi 6 access point
    Meet the SonicWall SonicWave 641 Wi-Fi 6 access point. It uses 802.11ax. This is the most advanced technology of its’ kind available. The SonicWave 641 is cloud-managed using SonicWall’s Wireless Network Manager. It is the first of their Wi-Fi 6 Read More
  • What are BEC attacks? Only the most costly kind of cyber-attack there is!
    Quick: Which kind of cyber-attack causes the most financial damage overall? Ransomware, you say? Wrongo! They’re called BEC attacks, and you need to know about them. Don’t believe it? Just ask the FBI. In 2021, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Read More
  • Meraki MT series sensors can protect your network?
    The Meraki MT series intelligently monitors any environment to help organizations build a smarter, more sustainable future. With MT sensors, IT, facilities, and operations teams can minimize business disruptions and reduce unnecessary costs. You will also maximize resources, and improve Read More
  • APC Replacement Battery Cartridges
    APC manufactures the world’s most popular and successful lines of power backup systems. They go from APC Replacement Battery Cartridges, to entry-level up to full-on enterprise grade products. The Smart-UPS series are trusted by millions of IT professionals throughout the Read More
  • FortiRecon – What the heck is this?
    Okay, there’s this thing called the Fortinet Digital Risk Protection solution. And Fortinet FortiRecon is a part of Fortinet DRP. You might know about Fortinet’s well-known and extensive portfolio of cyber-security and networking products and solutions. But what about the Read More
  • APC Smart-UPS – The most popular in the world for a reason
    The APC Smart-UPS series are a hugely popular and successful line of power backup systems. They go from entry-level up to full-on enterprise grade products. The Smart-UPS series are trusted by millions of IT professionals throughout the world to protect Read More
  • 2×2:2, 3×3:3, What do these mean?
    It’s common to see access points described with 2×2:2 or 3×3:3. Or 4×4:4, for that matter. Some now even go up to 8×8:8. What does that mean, and how important is it in deciding on which access point is right Read More
  • Sophos to the Rescue: Hackers spend months inside a network; nobody noticed
    This is a somewhat lengthy read, but it is interesting. Sophos comes to the rescue against some ransomware bad guys and provides some great insight to the cost of carelessness in managing a network. It shows that even IT professionals Read More
  • Meraki MV52 High Definition Smart Camera – Reach out and touch someone!
    The Meraki MV52 High Definition Smart Camera is an ultra-long-range telephoto bullet camera. The Meraki MV52 has a 12-40 mm varifocal lens with 12-37° horizontal field of view. It features 4K video recording with H.264 encoding with an f/2.3/16 aperture. Read More
  • (Not so ) free Wi-Fi – Why you shouldn’t connect to an insecure network
    (With thanks to Jack Wallen, ZDNet) Here’s some ‘found’ content that is worth passing on. It makes the compelling, and rather inconvenient case for why you shouldn’t connect to an insecure network. We all do it, without a thought. Maybe Read More
  • ISL Online Remote Desktop adds “inflation-proof” to it’s feature set!
    If you’re currently using another remote access solution, reach out to us and we’ll SAVE YOU MONEY to switch to ISL Online! The market for remote administration software like ISL Online Remote Desktop is huge, and growing. The pandemic didn’t Read More
  • Can cyber attacks break physical stuff?
    That’s the real, $64 question we’re all wondering, isn’t it? “Can cyber attacks break physical stuff?” And the answer is, yes. The fact that a cyber attack can have physical consequences is not exactly breaking news. It has happened a Read More
  • Fortinet FG600F firewall: Bad news, in a good way
    The new, beastly Fortinet FG600F firewall is just about here. And it’s bad news to any malware, exploits and known/unknown threats foolish enough to show their ugly little faces around it. It is designed for mid-sized to large enterprises, at Read More
  • Fortinet FG70F firewall – We’re not worthy!
    The Fortinet FG70F firewall is the latest in Fortinet’s “F” series. The FG-70F follows the 40F, 60F, and 80F. It is seen as a replacement for the very good FG-60F. The Fortinet FG70F firewall is a SECURE SD-WAN security appliance. Read More
  • Meraki MT30 Cloud-Managed Smart Automation Button
    The Meraki MT30 is a smart automation button that automates common tasks or triggers specific actions at the press of a button. The MT30 comes with an Automation Builder feature on the Meraki dashboard that makes it easy to build Read More
  • Meraki MT14 air quality sensor
    The Meraki MT14 is a cloud-managed indoor air quality sensor. Like everything Meraki makes, it is easily and masterfully controlled from the cloud. Meraki’s cloud platform allows you to deploy anywhere, and control everything. Real easy. Currently, five other sensor Read More
  • Russian cyberattacks are ramping up
    There’s new warnings from US officials about possible Russian cyber-naughtiness. It seems Russian cyberattacks are ramping up. This is, of course, as a result of the Russian attack on Ukraine. The warning came from an an interview on “60 Minutes,” Read More
  • Aruba AP650 Wi-Fi 6E access point review
    The Aruba AP650 Wi-Fi 6E series are powerful, new 4×4 Wi-Fi 6E access points. They are built for enterprises who need more wireless capacity and wider channels. It is Aruba’s flagship Wi-Fi 6E access point. The 650 Series are fully Read More
  • Meraki MR36H Wi-Fi 6 access point
    The Meraki MR36H Wi-Fi 6 access point is perfect for the needs of hotels, college dorms, and similar applications. But don’t think that it’s limited to that application. It will have a lot of versatility for numerous functions. The Meraki Read More
  • Meraki MS390 GbE switch
    The Meraki MS390 GbE switch is built for demanding enterprise uses. It has the famous simplicity of the Meraki dashboard, along with some seriously powerful switching hardware. It’s perfect for high-bandwidth applications as well as for high-speed Wi-Fi 6 access Read More
  • Want to donate to Ukraine? Don’t get scammed!
    Do you want to donate to Ukraine? That is, to help relieve the suffering going on there in whatever way you can? Good for you! But be warned. Unfortunately, there are criminals taking advantage of the invasion to trick you Read More
  • Avast vs Malwarebytes!
    In order to protect your computers and smartphones from viruses and other cyber threats, antivirus software is your best defense. And the simple fact is, paid software offers the most advanced and automated defense against malware, ransomware and other advanced Read More
  • The Financial Times names Corporate Armor as one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies!
    Corporate Armor has gotten some exciting news recently, and we want to share it, because it’s news that our customers have EVERYTHING to do with. Corporate Armor has been recognized as part of The Financial Times list of The Americas’ Read More
  • Meraki MR56 vs Meraki MR57: Is Wi-Fi 6E really that much better?
    Wi-Fi 6 hardware is now common, and there’s a good chance you have a Wi-Fi 6 network. But Wi-Fi 6E promises to reduce Wi-Fi congestion further. This begs several questions: What is Wi-Fi 6E? How does it compare to Wi-Fi Read More
  • Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Protection – Ready for whatever the Russians have (left)
    Prior to the introduction of Sophos Intercept X, Sophos offered Central Endpoint as its primary endpoint protection solution. As an older product, it doesn’t include deep learning AI, CryptoGuard, and many other protection features that make Intercept X such complete Read More
  • What is an Advanced Persistent Threat (and what can be done about it)?
    With the war in Ukraine, there has been a lot of justifiable concern about the increase of potential cyber-threats worldwide. The thinking is that Russia, who tend to cause more than their share of cyber mischief even in the best Read More
  • ISL Online – What’s new in 2022!
    ISL Online is a remote access / support product designed for pretty much any industry including healthcare, information technology, universities, government, and banks. With it you can do things like providing helpdesk services and tech support to anyone, anywhere. It Read More
  • Avast vs Emsisoft Antivirus
    Avast is a huge player in antivirus. They already protect around 425 million consumers worldwide. On the other hand, Emsisoft is a smaller company with about 1 million yearly users. As one might expect, Avast has a larger offering, with Read More
  • SonicWALL TZ600 firewall review
    The SonicWALL TZ600 is an affordable, high-performing firewall designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The SonicWALL TZ600 firewall offers a ton of protection features, which is typical of SonicWALL firewalls. It also has advanced security services that leverage on-box and Read More
  • SonicWALL TZ300 firewall – good features, good wireless, equals GREAT value
    The SonicWALL TZ300 firewall offers an all-in-one solution. It protects networks from advanced attacks brilliantly. Unlike consumer grade products, the SonicWALL TZ300 combines high-speed intrusion prevention, anti-malware and content/URL filtering. In addition, it has broad secure mobile access support for Read More
  • SonicWall firewalls are in stock now! SERIOUSLY!
    (With thanks to Kayvon Sadeghi, SonicWall) It’s true. SonicWall firewalls are in stock now. We’re not sure how, but SonicWall is fulfilling orders quickly and seamlessly. Nowadays, just about all hardware is backordered a mile, due to the same supply Read More
  • Palo Alto VM series Virtual firewall
    Palo Alto is truly among the very top names in cyber-security. They enjoy an almost mythical reputation among IT wonks, and their track record of innovation is a huge reason for this. The Palo Alto VM series certainly doesn’t drop Read More
  • What’s so great about Wi-Fi 6E?
    (with thanks to Nicole Gallow, Cisco Meraki)Well, now Wi-Fi 6 is firmly in place as the unassailable be-all wireless standard of the foreseeable future. Or is it? Because now, Meraki is rolling out it’s super new MR57 access point, which Read More
  • Russia rattles its’ Cyber-Saber: What could they do to us?
    The war that seemingly nobody thought would actually happened has begun. Nobody thought Putin would actually full-on attack Ukraine, and now it’s reasonable to wonder what else he’s capable of. And what can we, the western countries a little under Read More
  • The cyber-security implications of the Ukraine war for the rest of us
    One gets the sense that the world is changing before our eyes. Not just for Europe, but maybe for all of us. Things are looking bad for Ukraine, and we can feel sort of guilty wondering about the cyber-security implications Read More
  • Sophos XGS and APX price increase – bummer!
    First, the good news: The Sophos XGS series of Next-Generation firewalls are just as far ahead of the field as ever, with advanced features like on-box reporting, dual AV scanning, WAF AV scanning and the email message transfer agent functionality, Read More
  • Guess what’s back in stock? The beloved Meraki MR42, MR42E, MR52, MR53E, and MR55!
    NOW HEAR THIS! Meraki understands that many customers have urgent needs for access points, and that they cannot afford to wait for months. Corporate Armor is excited to share that we’re taking orders for several APs that were previously end Read More
  • Wasp WLR8950 SBR Long Range CCD Barcode Scanner
    The Wasp WLR8950 long range barcode scanner is a cost effective, easy to use, 1D barcode scanner perfect for retail, office, or inventory applications. It’s great for any repetitive application where time and accuracy are important. Zebra LS2208 A similar, Read More
  • Meraki MR57 Wi-Fi 6E access point – You saw it here first!
    The Meraki MR57 Wi-Fi 6E access point is a brand new, cloud-managed 4×4 802.11ax UL/DL MU-MIMO device. It’s designed for high-density public environments, and for faster browsing and downloading from mobile devices. Companies with 5G deployments, as well as offices Read More
  • Meraki MS Series switches vs Cisco 9200 switches – Why now? AVAILABILITY!
    We thought it would be a good idea to compare Meraki MS250 and Meraki MS350 switches to the Cisco 9200, which is their roughly equivalent model. Why? Simple answer is that there is a significant backlog on orders for the Read More
  • FortiGate VM Virtual Firewalls
    We’ve talked lots about FortiGate firewall appliances. But did you know that Fortinet features virtual firewalls as well? They’re called FortiGate Virtual Appliances, or FortiGate VM. Virtual firewalls are commonly used to protect virtualized environments in software-defined data centers and Read More
  • How Do I set up my Sophos XGS firewall?
    Sophos XGS firewall is known for it’s blistering speeds and ease of use. But setting up a firewall can be a little intimidating for those who have limited experience with the. So as a service to our many Sophos customers, Read More
  • How Do I set up my Meraki MX firewall?
    Meraki MX firewall is famous for its’ sleek interface and amazing ease of use. They are also known for the fact that all their appliances and solutions are cloud-managed from the same place, and can ‘talk’ to each other. But Read More
  • Do I even NEED Endpoint Detection and Response?
    Endpoint Detection and Response refers to the protection of internet-connected devices such as PCs, workstations, servers and smartphones from cyber threats. As you you can imagine, there are many options out there to choose from. Some of our big ones Read More
  • Can your Endpoint Detection and Response protect itself?
    EDR, of course, stands for Endpoint Detection and Response. EDR tools enable organizations to address the increased complexity and frequency of attacks. It does this by providing unparalleled visibility and detection across their endpoints. Corporate Armor offers several top-line solutions, Read More
  • APC – Welcome to the Corporate Armor family!
    APC started out as American Power Conversion Corporation in 1981. They are now the flagship brand of Schneider Electric. From battery backups that safeguard against outages, to full-scale data center infrastructure, from surge protection and power conditioning to rack mounts Read More
  • Avast All-in-One Protection for medium and large businesses
    Avast is one of the largest security companies in the world using next-gen technologies to fight cyber attacks in real time. They’ve been around a long time, and are very well-known and respected. This article will discuss their All-in-One Protection Read More
  • Avast Business CloudCare
    Avast is one of the largest security companies in the world using next-gen technologies to fight cyber attacks in real time. They’ve been around a long time, and are very well-known and respected. This article will discuss their Avast Business Read More