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A complete range of Wi-Fi 6E access points—with multigigabit technology—allows you to optimize wireless access for a seamless hybrid work experience with faster connections, greater user capacity, and more coverage.

Meraki MR57 Wi-Fil6E access point


Ultra-high-density, ultra-high-performance Wi-Fi 6E access point

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Cisco CW9162 Wi-Fi 6E access point


High-performance Wi-Fi 6E access point

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Cisco Catalyst CW9164


Medium-density, high-performance Wi-Fi 6E access point

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Cisco Catalyst CW9166


High-density, high-performance Wi-Fi 6E access point

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Prepare your network for what’s next with the reliability, capacity, and speed of Wi-Fi 6E.

Increase remote work connectivity at any distance.

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Catalyst 9300X-M Switches

  • C9300X-12Y-M- Coming Soon!
  • C9300X-24Y-M- Coming Soon!
  • C9300X-24HX-M- Coming Soon!
  • C9300X-48TX-M- Coming Soon!
  • C9300X-48HX-M- Coming Soon!
  • C9300X-48HXN-M- Coming Soon!

Catalyst 9300L-M Switches

  • C9300L-24T-4X- Coming Soon!
  • C9300L-24P-4X- Coming Soon!
  • C9300L-24UXG-4X- Coming Soon!
  • C9300L-48T-4X- Coming Soon!
  • C9300L-48P-4X- Coming Soon!
  • C9300L-48PF-4X- Coming Soon!
  • C9300L-48UXG-4X- Coming Soon!

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meraki blog mg51

The Meraki MG51 cellular gateway is here!

The Meraki MG51 cellular gateway and the MG51E are identical, except that the MG51E has external antennas. The Meraki MG51 enables high-speed, always-on network connectivity. It transposes a cellular signal into wired WAN Ethernet connections. Networking teams use MG gateways to connect branch and campus networks in the simplest manner.

AnyConnect for Meraki MX

FEBRUARY 3, 2023

AnyConnect for Meraki MX provides reliable and easy-to-deploy encrypted network connectivity from smartphones and tablets.

Meraki GO GR12 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point

The Meraki GO GR12 Wi-Fi 6 access point is part of a line of access points, security appliances, and a switches.

Meraki GO GX50 Router Firewall Plus

The Meraki GO GX50 Router Firewall Plus is a powerful router and firewall that keep devices on the network private and secure.